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My Alpha Roommate

Riley Miller, the girl of a strong colorful imagination, never thought that her wishes for something different and an exciting dramatic life would come true. Then again, she'd never thought a cocky Alpha, previously stalker, would become her roommate, make her want to jump on him, make her fall for him and give her all she'd ever wish for. Supernatural stuff, drama, excitement, strip show and tacos. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ "Omg are you a werewolf? Or a vampire? OR ARE YOU AN UNICORN? FRICKIN TELL ME NOW YOU BEAUTIFUL PIECE OF SHIT" "Don't call me that!" The story has just begun ;) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Maia · Fantasy Romance
17 Chs

Stealing Spree

Note: There's no magic in this novel. This was previously in the Realistic Fiction genre but it's not included in the choices. So I picked the closest one to it. Onoda Ruki is just your ordinary high school student. He strived for being the Classmate A who's unimportant to the story. Despite being the Classmate A. Onoda has a secret desire which he always had ever since young and that was to steal each and every girl from their guy. Join him as he entered his high school days as he conquer and steal every girl he sets his eyes on. And along the way, the growth in his character and those around him. TAGS: Netori, Romance, R-18, Harem, School Life https://discord.gg/BWBWUrU *I do not own the cover photo. I will take it out if requested. *DISCLAIMER This is a work of fiction. All names, characters, places, and events are products of the author’s imagination or used in a fictitious way. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental. Moreover, the ages of the characters appearing in this fiction are 18 and above.

Dyrem · Magical Realism
320 Chs

Firstborn: Return of the heir

Most of Saulus' young life was a clever ruse, designed to fulfill a promise he made to his late King: to protect Princess Venna, the King’s only child and his childhood friend. His predestined life began at age 8 as an orphan, recruited into the military. Ten years later he was a general at age 18. Before hitting his 24th birthday, Saulus became the youngest chief commander of the lone Retesian Legion, endorsed by the Patriarch himself. But when Saulus uses the Patriarch’s own army to seize his land and wage war against him, the return of the Kingdom of Burn is nigh! Long live the Queen! Glory to the Burn! May the grace of Firstborns protect us all! Tags: Kingdom Building / Intelligent MC / Action / War / Magic / Romance / Revenge

Motivated Sloth / Netmarble F&C (Publisher) · Fantasy
37 Chs

The Record of the First Pendant

“Never trust a lonely smile.” Arroth is a half-angel half-demon who lived as a thief along with his brother Zaganon, until one day, the Prince of the Angels went to search for them. He promised a life that Arroth and his brother could never refuse - but, while working for the angels, his brother is met with an unforeseen curse. The sudden appearance of an unknown and powerful criminal named Dayan shatters Arroth's plans to live safely. Now, he wanted to take revenge... But will he be able to? When Dayan himself the source of his powers? Arroth embarks on an adventure to save his brother and uncover a secret that could potentially end his world. The Record of the Last Pendant is created by Lemone, an eGlobal Creative Publishing Author.

Lemone · Fantasy
76 Chs

Ileus: The Dark Prince

Escaping from the wedding she dreaded with Crown Prince, Aed Ruad, Princess Anastasia ended up becoming the captive of the Lore's most dangerous man, Prince Ileus. She knows of a secret she wants to trade with him but the price is high. And Ileus… He wants her and something more. Delve into the dark and mysterious world of Anastasia and Ileus as they fight against lure, power, greed and maddening attraction. Will Anastasia get free from him? Will Ileus achieve his purpose? Join them to feel it! Other novels in this series include: Feral Confessions: Adrianna and the Alpha (Completed) The Silver Crescent Alpha Prince (Completed) The cover doesn't belong to me. Credits go to the owner. Special thanks to my editor Kathrine!

MishaK · Fantasy Romance
38 Chs

Solo Leveling Through the Multiverse

It all started at the MHA world. A world full of heroes and villains but in between are the Quirkless, they were deemed to be the trash of the society with a small percentage of the world that gives a sh*t about them but what happens when a Quirkless is killed in vain then later was replaced by another soul, not from that world. ____________________________________________________ I only thought of writing this since I got bored so don’t expect much, Disclaimer: MHA, Solo Leveling, this picture, or any other anime series I might include in the future is not mine so peace,

NoirZero11 · Anime & Comics
34 Chs

Tales of Hiroki: A Naruto Story

I`m writing this for fun. I`m no professional writer. If someone doesn`t like it, move on. There are many other stories to read. This means that it will not follow the plot 100% and there will be changes done to it. If you want a story to stick to the plot, then I’m sorry, this is not for you. - Hiroki is a special ops agent that dies to save his teammates. He now has another chance in life in the Naruto world. Let`s now embark in the Tales of Hiroki.

Daoist693837 · Anime & Comics
43 Chs

Living to the Fullest in the World of Naruto (and Multiverse later)

A young man died and had the choice to be reborn. But he can only have a single wish? And memories are not given for free?! Let’s find a roundabout way of getting what he wants and be reborn in the world of Naruto the same year as the Sannin to discover everything there is to be discovered! See author note before reading. I do not own anything except OCs. The cover image is not mine so if the creator wishes for me to change it I will.

Yasashiki · Anime & Comics
45 Chs

The Kage of Kages (Naruto Fan-Fic)

Read on as a nameless soul reincarnates into the world of Naruto, growing from a single shinobi of the leaf to becoming the Kage of his own new village and finally the Kage of Kages, the leader of all the shinobi villages, the true Shadow behind the villages own Shadows. Release Schedule: Monday, Wednesday and Friday Disclaimer: I do not own the Cover. Disclaimer: I do not own Naruto and its related material, obviously.

lusoba · Anime & Comics
65 Chs

Transmigrated in Tales of Demons and Gods [Completed]

Xiao Yan, high-school boy from Earth, got killed by a truck. Due to him firmly believing that being accidentally killed by a truck would send someone reincarnating in an other World, the God of Trucks decided to grant him his wish and sent him in his favorite World, Tales of Demons and Gods. —————————— I would like to write my own story. But I don’t have the skills for it, so I’m starting with this fan-fiction to train a little. Please, leave some reviews and comments on what you like, what you don’t like or what to do to improve myself, thanks. —————————— I won’t make an empty promise about a fixed number of chapters but it's the first time I write something, so don’t expect too much xD

Wise_Snail · Book&Literature
146 Chs

God Pulled A Gacha and I Got Reincarnated

Our main character gets to reincarnate with sime powers thanks to God pulling his soul from Gacha. Read as he tries to get a decent job and settle down with his girlfriend. This is a multiverse fanfiction containing three main worlds. 1000~1500 Words per chapter. 1 chapter per day.

TurkishJesus · Anime & Comics
52 Chs

Naruto: Reborn With Useless Skills?

*Ahem* Please read the "tags" before you go about the story, Friend! Now the synopsis: Surname Kaneko meaning Golden and Given name Mitsu meaning Light. Ahhh! Such a fitting name.... FITTING NAME MY ASS... But the name holds weight in the land of fire. Hmmm. Why? Well because, it's the name of the Fucking Fire Daimyo aka Otou-chan, my daddy dearest. Huhuhuhu... Yesh! You have guessed it! I was reborn as the fricking prince of fire. It's great right? RIGHT? WROOOOOOONG!!!!!!! Because the idiotic daimyos, don't let their dumb kids learn ninjutsu.... But worry not, yours truly, was lucky to be born as the third prince. Damn! I didn't know the fat lady had 3 children already, no wonder she was... You know what! I will stop right there. I don't want my fate to be the same as that Tora. *shudder* But the biggest issue here is, after I was run over by Scooty-Chan... Yeah! You heard me, Scooty-Chan. Coz, her elder cousin Truck-Kun, was too busy running over some fat NEET, she had to come and give me a ride... and a ride she gave... *Tears* I even got the worst reincarnating official... more like an assistant... Here, I have read about the awesome powers reincarnators get when they reincarnate. While yours truly was stuck with a pussy who can't even authorize a freakin Sharingan.... Well, you know what! It doesn't matter. Just see how I freaking kick ass with the worst list of skills. https://discord .gg/XmXZNYVw ___________________ Note: The name of the FF is a parody itself. And yes, the skills the MC gets are useless on their own. But using the parody of a certain Novel it became something else! Note: The cover and any images in the future are and will be drawn by me. So these belong to me. ___________________ Disclaimer: I don't own Naruto or any of it's characters only my OC's and the change of plot

LuminouShadow · Anime & Comics
64 Chs

Now, where am I?

Blessed with six wishes, join Kyle on his adventure to the Marvel world. It is going to be a fun ride. So hold your seat. You may find this story to be somewhat similar to some of the other fics initially, but believe me it will change drastically.

wheretonow · Realistic Fiction
74 Chs

HxH: God Of Choice System

I wasn’t hit by a track, nor was I struck by a thunderbolt, yet here I’m inside Hunter X Hunter world, and I even have a system, but it’s really a weird one, it always gives me these kinds of choices: 【1:Join the Ryuudan. Reward: Magama Fruit.】 【3:Destroy the Ryuudan. Reward: Ice Fruit.】 【2:Ignore the Ryuudan. Reward: Fire Fruit.】 Allan sighed, “The problem is I’m really an indecisive guy…” [this is a chinese story..so expect the chinese cliches and exclamation marks in literally every sentence for no reason///Also the story has a system, but it's more like a slave-system so I wouldn't even bother to read this if you don't like that.] ~~~ THIS IS NOT MY STORY!!! [Also, support the original translator of this novel on his patreon: patreon . com / otaku_senpai If you want to go to his website to read the translations when they come out it's TranslatinOtaku . net , but I'm just uploading them on here for comfort reasons lol]

numan_ · Anime & Comics
102 Chs

Creating The Manga Of Naruto On Naruto World Become My Ultimate Goal!

I, Akabane was graduated from the university of arts & design in the 21st century then suddenly traversed into the Naruto’s world, by bringing my knowledge of arts and my love of Naruto comic I decided to recreate Naruto comic here… [Ding! Comic System has been activated!] Great! Ninjutsu? Kekkei Genkai? As long as I can draw more comics, I would be unmatched! …Or am I? === Author: Funeral Translator: Levaa Raw Source: sj.uukanshu.com === *Disclaimer* Cover, not mine, found it on net-kun. DM me if the owner wants me to remove it and I will.

Levaa · Anime & Comics
94 Chs

I Will Soar The Multiverse (Completed)

Featured worlds: Danmachi, The Seven Deadly Sins, MCU( the infinity war only) MC Shadows : (Igris, Iron, Tusk from Solo leveling), (Subzero, Scorpion, Kenshi from Mortal Kombat) and more Words count: 72.000 words Not a harem planned to, but never did ---------------------- Our MC whose name is Sora is a college student in the second-best university in the country but he is very very bored this not the life he wants this life is boring he keeps asking himself why can't I have been born in anime or MU or xianxia worlds I mean I tried all type of dangerous sports, martial arts but nothing satisfies me I want more I want to fight monsters or people, get to be overpowered and get the women I want. So Someone hears his call for help. * I don't own the picture or the worlds MC goes to only My character *

The_Unique · Anime & Comics
57 Chs

Reincarnated as Issei with a Gamer System

I will get back her no I'll get them all back , nothing will stop me , no one will get in my way , I'll do whatever it takes to get back to you. I'll use these abilities. I'll make sure to be strong as I can to save you all wait for me.....'Julia' . (Please I'm not well versed in the gamer so there will be some hiccups here and there so please correct when I'm wrong) /A.N: Don't Ask for a Harem!/

ShaggyJoestar69 · Anime & Comics
72 Chs

The Might Of A True Uchiha {Completed}

A weeb, the best of the best regarding Naruto, dies when he goes to watch The Last: Naruto the Movie for the 697th time. On his way to this friends house, he crosses the steet and by the time he is in the middle part of the road, a truck materialised right infront of the Weeb and kills him. He is given a 3 wishes and a 2 perks from god for making his son drop his toy truck, and he is then reincarnated into the world of Naruto. What awaits the master of Naruto IN Naruto? But, is he really who he seems to be? The Cover is not mine, so if it belongs to you and you dont want it up, I will take it down. It is completed, if you haven’t read the title.

SomeSpookyGuy · Anime & Comics
125 Chs

Devil Fruit User in the Multiverse

Disclaimer All copyrighted content is the property of its respective owner(s)

Jovami6729 · Anime & Comics
41 Chs

Strongest Talent in Naruto

Arriving in Naruto World with the strongest talent. With unparalleled training speed and becoming the strongest in the Uchiha clan! A legend is born and he is the most feared existence in the Ninja world! ------------------ Early Access and read ahead: www.patreon.com/Skykritze Do consider supporting me as your support will help me in producing more works for you guys. ------------------ Original work: https://wap.faloo.com/book/355710.html ------------------ This is a translated fanfiction of naruto

Skykritze · Anime & Comics
117 Chs