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Divine God Against The Heavens

Ye Xiao got his dantian destroyed and kicked out from his sect after being framed by Grand Elder and his disciple Zhou Yan. When he was passing through a forest after leaving the sect, suddenly Zhou Yan once again came and started fighting with him. Having no other choice, Ye xiao Jumps from the cliff of a mountain and encounter a great opportunity, A heavenly pearl which enters his heart and repairs his dantian. From then on he embarks on the path of Martial Arts, Cultivates to the peak of summit and ascend to the heavens. With the help of Heavenly Pearl, he will fight against the gods and devils and even against the heavens. "No One Has The Right To Look Down On Me, Not Even The Heavens".

RazaKarim · Fantasy
93 Chs

Time Space User System

Finding himself waking up in a strange body, Luke Lewis realizes that it isn't the end; in fact, it was the beginning of his story. Invasion, Ability, Advanced Technology are the things Luke found upon living as another Luke Lewis. By any chance, he is also bestowed by a mysterious system. With it, he leaped from a normal person into a Transcender. Would he, Luke Lewis, find the purpose of his existence in here? Follow Luke's journey as he ventured through the mysteries that clouded over his transmigration. (Note: Chapter 10-50 still in editing process. Some different with earlier chaps might be present) Buy me a coffee: https://ko-fi.com/billycastellanos

Billy_Castellanos · Fantasy
73 Chs

Gate of Immortality

With the sacrifice of his dao body, Samsara emperor has finally opened the gate of reincarnation, yet the secret of eternal life lies behind the door of immortality. Alas, only one strand of divine intent is all remained of him. So for the final task, he has chosen a vengeful soul, from a faraway place called earth..... Yang shi, A ordinary, unlucky, man finally broke when her beloved woman was harassed to death. While couldn't avenge her with his capability, Yang shi made a deal with an unknown entity with the cost of his soul, but he didn't know that a mythical adventure awaits him... " Hey, beautiful lady, why don't you marry me?, what you have a fiance?, Hmph. I will take care of him and his sister." " Hey, are you blind? why the hell you bumped me, Do you wanna die? " Wow, that jade vase is a treasure, will you sell it to me? No? So, I will just steal it from you." " Wait, since when I have become this evil, yes after coming to this world, it seems I have changed." Follow our MC, and see how he tackles his excessive lust, anger, and greed. ....................................................................................................... [ The cover page is not mine. All the credit goes to the artist.]

starry8sword · Eastern Fantasy
118 Chs

Time Beyond A Dream

Catherine wishes all her dreams were just like those that everybody has. Yet, her dream was different. Her dreams weren't rainbows and sunshine, however, her dreams became her reality. After all, she was a descendant of the Mark. The bridge of the Land of Nod. But everyone she loves could be gone in a minute, that's why she'd concealed it. Nobody knew that she was the daughter of fire. Yet, Catherine was beyond miserable, how they played her, how she was a puppet. Her furious eyes were her pain untold, and she wished she could show it, she does. But she has to let them in so she can trust them, but fear was her enemy, she doesn't know whom to trust. And they shattered her hope, lies were told.

C.ELLICA · Fantasy Romance
50 Chs

Level Infinity Weakest King

"My Level in this world is Infinity?" An old man dies and gets reincarnated in a world filled with magic. He was shocked at first as his dream had been realized but it was only later he understood that the world was none other than the Gaming World in which he had adventured earlier. Though it seems like many thousands of years have passed by. Will he have some fun or will he just be bored yet again? Join me in this amazing chapter! The initial chapters may be a little odd but soon you will have fun.

1st_Manga_KING · Fantasy
146 Chs

To the Depth of Abyss

It is said, if you can enter the deepest place in Abyssal Terra, any wish can be granted. Arsen is not a young man who wants his wish to be granted, he is just a weak young man who is forced to make money on Abyssal Terra. In an exploration, he met a dragon, Fafnir. Fafnir is one of the participants in Abyssal Terra. Because he did not accept being forced to become a participant, Fafnir used Arsen and gave Arsen a cheat as a [VIP Player]. With a cheat and a desire to prove the truth of Abyssal Terra, Ars began his fight to go to the deepest place in that hell.

Chad_Farmer · Fantasy
141 Chs

Immortal Cultivator System

With a helpful but somewhat annoying system and an unholy immortal inside his head, Jian doesn't exactly get the perfect start as he commences his journey to the pinnacle. But he better get used to it, monsters of all kind will join on his journey...For Jian does not care about morales, he cares about power. His rise to the top might be slow, it might be fast. But at least one thing is sure....He won't go down as another speck of dust in history. Prepare yourselves, Demons, mysterious all-powerful organisations and Mythical Creatures.....An orphan just got his first taste of power and he won't stop now. Other Warning: This novel will not be centered around Chinese's culture solely. It will explore culture from other Eastern Countries and even Western Countries. If you wish to support me, head there: https://ko-fi.com/glasgow1 This book is part of the VoidVerse

Glasgow1 · Eastern Fantasy
87 Chs

Level Up Family

Marius Edgewick is a seemingly ordinary office worker. He is a father of two married to a gorgeous and mysterious wife. Yet, their family though small and poor, are far from the ordinary, each born with a unique ability to see stats and level up, blessed with even a special skill that is unable to be utilized in the current world. After losing his only job, Marius thought he had lost all hope of achieving his single wish: to protect and provide his family with a suitable lifestyle. However, this all changed when both he and his entire family encountered a strange phenomenon, hurling them into the depths of a unique fantasy world. "Father look, I found a strange fire breathing rodent." "Kill it and give it to your mother, we will be eating it for dinner." "Yes, father!" With the rodent of fire, and fresh air of the pure wilds wafting through the wind, thus, began the adventure of the world's most powerful family. ____ Follow me on Twitter & Facebook & Discord: Discord - https://discord.gg/ffVV7cV Twitter -https://twitter.com/ShadowsFinger Patreon-https://www.patreon.com/ShadowsFinger5 Amazon-https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07C7912KX Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/ShadowsFingers/ ===Release Details=== Daily release - 2 chapters (9:am - 12:pm) The weekly mass release is determined by Power Ranking, so keep voting Power Stones :) ===Subscribe to my Mailing Lists==== https://www.subscribepage.com/shadowsfinger_copy Want to show some support? Drop by a Review and a Power Stone. You can also send me a Gift or Paypal Me :) https://www.paypal.me/shadowsfinger

ShadowsFinger · Fantasy
66 Chs

The Abandoned Hunter

“Dark Overlord! All hail the Dark Overlord!!!” “...” “I tried to deny it but looks like I have really become their king... THE DARK OVERLORD!” . . . A story about a world of hunters, where an F-rank hunter who is bullied and despised and left alone turns himself into an OP hunter! He is left alone by many and was considered weak, However thanks to his luck he is able to get hold of an unique power from a dragon to act as its proxy. On top of it he had an amazing power dwelling within him which took the shape of a system. Join me in this amazing adventure. [NOTE: Those readers who feel like this is copy of solo leveling or something then you are wrong, inspiration is taken from that but it’s by no means a copy! Read full before making claims! Also, I own the copyright of the cover. Don’t take the cover or ss of it. If I find it anywhere then you have to pay the fine of breaching copyright law!]

1st_Manga_KING · Martial Arts
156 Chs

Fighting For Eternity

Life is full of dangers in this world, only the strong have the right to raise their voice. A world filled with countless creatures, fighting for a single thing. How can a boy who walked out of the lowest region fight in such a hegemon with a sealed dantian? He who vows to kill the heavens learns about his true enemy, prepare the strongest War legion, and conquer the Universe. He holds the system, condenses the god force within the dragon elephant's body after passing through endless reincarnations. He is ready to fight, he is now ready to embrace beauties, he is ready to blow war horn for his legion. Let's read the legend of Xia Long Fei who is determined to achieve Eternal Life, not knowing what does it really means? His talent surpasses Heaven but he is not satisfied, he wants to grow until when he will never have anyone above. Tags: The system, High-Fantasy, Action [Detailed Battles], Martial Art, Adventure, Cultivation [Unique Cultivation Arts], Handsome MC, Weak to Strong, Bloodline, Martial Spirits, Divine Vein, Naive to Smart MC, Ruthless and Polygamous MC, Overpowered-MC, OP-enemies, Beast Companions & Monster Pets, Multiple races (Vampires and so on. etc.), Mature (Above 18), Immortals, Gods, Demons, Supreme Artifacts, Real-life based Gods. : Though content might contain real-life things, but everything inside is fantasy, so they might have the same or different history in the story. If you want to know more about the Cultivation Arts, Bloodline, Martial Spirits, and Daos, then follow me on Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/LifeofAnimation Ranking: 200th = 5 chapters mass releases within one week 100th = 10 chapters mass releases within ten days 50th = 15 chapters mass releases within two weeks Above, for now, this is already good enough but If I really reach there one day with your support then, ..................

Sabin_Subedi_Fei · Eastern Fantasy
195 Chs

The Ancients World

The year is 2236 and the Deep Dive Virtual Reality Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game Ancients World is the most advanced game of its type ever created. Now that DDVR technology has reached the stage of commercial consumers everyone is addicted to the games available. A person who spent 5 years in the game has been reincarnated in his younger self as a request from a world item the game provided. Not everything is known about Ancients World since he only spent 5 years playing, so things will change this time around. Many people don't really know what the game really provides till everyone with an internet connection is playing. It is the only way to survive in the coming years because of how special the world is. Cera Adamo is a young man who is almost 20 and he is the one that found the world item that granted him one wish, something that saved his life in a last chance effort. He chose to go back into the past so he can get everything he needs for his family, he doesn't want them to be dirt poor like they once were and this is his way to secure that it never happens again. (If image owner wants me to remove image than just ask.)

easyread · Video Games
59 Chs

Hitman with a Badass System

Have you ever thought about having a cool system at your disposal? What would you do if you suddenly received a system that can help you achieve anything? Would you go save the innocents and damsels in distress or use it for your own advantage? This is the story of a normal human (well, not very normal) who crossed over to another world with such a system under his command. But the question is, who’s controlling who? Is the system under his command or the other way around? What was the origin of this system? Why did it choose him? What’s waiting for him in the future? A hero is only as good as his villain? So who is the villain for our hero? Lots of questions right? Jump right into the book and see the answers for yourselves. Current update Schedule: Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday discord link : https://discord.gg/zTgYV9x7gZ Join my wonderful circle and be part of the book!!!

don_offl · Martial Arts
53 Chs

My Cultivation System

********* "You will become an immortal cultivator, right?" "Yes, mother. I promise," ********* An old cursed building with many trials, A system that helps with cultivation, A bloodline that was envied by many, With the help of these three things, a young man named Henrick wanted to fulfil a promise he made to his mother. However, there were many cultivators that were after his bloodline who would do anything for his bloodline. Follow Henrick to see whether he can fulfil his promise with the world full of enemies or will he become a stepping stone for others?. Note:- I don't own the art for the book cover.

vinayraj · Fantasy
105 Chs


A world where cultivation is scientifically practiced. A world in which cultivation method is theoretically possible. With the slight Circulation Of My Blood, The World Trembled! Follow Dav as he struggled to survive in this world where, Cells being awaken, Genes changing, Gene pools being constructed, Catalysts manufactured, Generic nucleus harvested. Evolved Beings invading inner world. Survival of the fittest.

Typhlix · Sci-fi
130 Chs

Unparalleled After Ten Consecutive Draws

Chu Kuangren has teleported to the cultivation world. With him was a game plug-in that gave him ten consecutive lucky draws right as he began. Congratulations! The host has pulled the Legendary-tier Banished Immortal Aura, the Legendary-tier constitution, Exquisite Nine Orifices Sword Heart, the God-tier constitution, Immortal Body, and one Legendary Winged Soldier… Join Chu Kuangren as he becomes a legend of cosmic proportions, and triumphs over every being in the world!

Carefree Smile · Eastern Fantasy
55 Chs

The Mind God

Brion was just a normal college student. Since childhood, he was interested in the abilities of "Mind Power" and "Mind", and although the people around him looked at him with the "crazy" eye, he continued to work on these abilities. But he never succeeded in his life and died as a result of a disease. When he woke up, he was in a cave and soon realized he had a system, and at the same time, he realized that he had come to a fantastic universe. And only the system tailored for his own "Mind" abilities and only belong to him. It was glory given to him to realize his dreams that he couldn't do in his previous world. - https://www.webnovel.com/book/origin-night-lord_16167247606177705#review -

Krizantem · Fantasy
173 Chs

Return of the Immortal Mage

An immortal mage who was unparalleled in his lifetime was betrayed by his own brothers and then was reincarnated in future. He was a person with problem in his mana core when he returns back to his past he repaired his mana core and starts to strengthen himself in order to take his revenge on those who bullied him in the past. Tread his journey to gain become an immortal mage. Follow my Instagram account qatcod

QATCOD · Fantasy
51 Chs

The Wolf of Aragnar

Aragnar is a world of Sword and Magic. Here, the different Races live in their respective domains, protecting the legacies their ancestors build with blood and sweat. But still, the world of Aragnar had not yet been fully explored, and the powerful races contest much of its unexplored land and untapped resources. Ivan Jaeger, an ordinary boy from planet earth with extraordinary dreams, woke up one day in a young body on the verge of starvation and death. No one had known at that instant except the rats killed for the experience that with an exceptional aide, a bigger wolf had arrived in the world of Aragnar, who would make others feel like sheep. But that's not the reason for his acknowledgment to be known and feared as the Wolf of Aragnar. To know that, you need to follow Ivan Jaegar's journey throughout his famed adventures. You need to know in detail about his daily life and his Pursuits after Wealth, Power, Ambition, Military Glory, Eternal life and the greatest of all his goals 'Conquering the Beauties' *Wink* ------------------------------------------- Support the Author: https://ko-fi.com/rollingpandaa https://paypal.me/Rollingpandaa ------------------------------------------- 2 Chapter Per Day (0.00 am GMT+8) Time Approx) Bonus Chapters as per power stones donated by the end of the week. Vote with power stones. Give review. Suggestions and encouragement in the comment box. Also, read my other Novel 'The Pleasure Lord' Happy reading. ------------------------------------------- Tags: Weak to Strong, Comedy, Reincarnated, Shameless, Harem, Adventure, Beast Companions, Politics, GameElements, Magic&Swords, FantasyRaces ------------------------------------------- Discord-->Rollingpandaa#8813 Discord group for 'The Pleasure Lord'--https://discord.gg/8Xbe3qJ

Rollingpandaa · Fantasy
34 Chs

Journey into the Dark Universe

While looking at the messages shared by his friends on his phone, Viny realized that something was missing from him. He looked right and left and grunted. "Why did I suddenly feel like something was missing from me." Was it luck that disappeared from Viny? How far could Viny's luck drag him? Could he survive from this cycle by his own protection? Do you also feel like Viny, sometimes something is missing from you? *** When a tribe that exists in our Dark Universe makes their tribal magic formation, they do it step by step; The chieftain took the bowl and came to Anuo. "My existence is a fire." The tribal leader said out loud. "My existence is a fire." Anuo then repeated. The whole tribe followed up "Good morning, child of the fire." "My existence is from blood." The tribal leader said out loud. "My existence is from blood." Anuo then repeated. The whole tribe followed up "Let the blood come, Spring to the life. Let the soul come, Arouse the fire." “Our ancestor Akon Hear me! Anuo will not deviate from your way!” Anuo shouted. The chieftain took the liquid and poured it over Anuo's head, and Anuo bit the bloody heart in her hand and ate it to the end.

nyype · Magical Realism
134 Chs