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The Wolf of Aragnar

Aragnar is a world of Sword and Magic. Here, the different Races live in their respective domains, protecting the legacies their ancestors build with blood and sweat. But still, the world of Aragnar had not yet been fully explored, and the powerful races contest much of its unexplored land and untapped resources. Ivan Jaeger, an ordinary boy from planet earth with extraordinary dreams, woke up one day in a young body on the verge of starvation and death. No one had known at that instant except the rats killed for the experience that with an exceptional aide, a bigger wolf had arrived in the world of Aragnar, who would make others feel like sheep. But that's not the reason for his acknowledgment to be known and feared as the Wolf of Aragnar. To know that, you need to follow Ivan Jaegar's journey throughout his famed adventures. You need to know in detail about his daily life and his Pursuits after Wealth, Power, Ambition, Military Glory, Eternal life and the greatest of all his goals 'Conquering the Beauties' *Wink* ------------------------------------------- Support the Author: https://ko-fi.com/rollingpandaa https://paypal.me/Rollingpandaa ------------------------------------------- 2 Chapter Per Day (0.00 am GMT+8) Time Approx) Bonus Chapters as per power stones donated by the end of the week. Vote with power stones. Give review. Suggestions and encouragement in the comment box. Also, read my other Novel 'The Pleasure Lord' Happy reading. ------------------------------------------- Tags: Weak to Strong, Comedy, Reincarnated, Shameless, Harem, Adventure, Beast Companions, Politics, GameElements, Magic&Swords, FantasyRaces ------------------------------------------- Discord-->Rollingpandaa#8813 Discord group for 'The Pleasure Lord'--https://discord.gg/8Xbe3qJ

Rollingpandaa · Fantasy
34 Chs

The Most Satisfied Reincarnate

Died at a young age and reborn as a baby in a world that filled magic, beast, and demon. He realized this world humans was not at the top of the food chain. Assisted by artificial intelligence, will he able to survive ? Or became the strongest humanity ? . *REMINDER : This story is slow-paced, and I don't own the cover,credit to the owner. . *Join us at Discord : https://discord.gg/qajSGxn3Rn . *DISCLAIMER : This is a work of fiction. Unless otherwise indicated, all the names, characters, businesses, places, events, ideology, theory and incidents in this book are either the product of the author’s imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental..

DragonKnov · Fantasy
83 Chs

Assassin's Concentration In Another World

One day, a young, skillful assassin died in an assassination mission. However, he was given another chance but in order to claim that chance, he needs to prove his worth to the god reincarnating him. Eventually, he passes. Later applying to become an Adventurer, using the knowledge he retained from his original world and the magical abilities he gains, he will make use of them to protect the friends that he meets and destroy anyone that gets in his way. His journey begins and as he faces the danger that runs in front of him, he will be completely concentrated. ______________________________________________________________ Cover doesn't belong to me.

MonarchX · Fantasy
49 Chs

The System's World

The novel's cover art is done by rei_chie! So, have you ever wondered what would happen if you died way too early? Have you ever wondered what would happen afterwards? Well let me tell you, this story has that in it. It goes from dying, to reincarnation, and to leveling like a character from a rpg game. If these are what you like to read about, then come check out The System's World! The system actually talks to the character in the story. They progress quite a bit in the story while he tries to level up! The next thing I saw was complete and utter white glow, that was so blinding that I had closed my eyes due to the pain it had caused. After a few minutes I decided to open my eyes. It had taken me a few moments to let my eyes adjust but once they did my eyes were opened very wide. I had never seen a room like this before, it was completely all white. Everything was white not just the chairs or desk. During this time someone had walked up to be right behind me and patted my shoulder. I froze the moment something touched me, it felt really cold and awkward. I decided to turn around and look at the person or thing that decided to touch my shoulder. I was quite surprised to see the very same lady that was at the comic con earlier. "You!" I said to her. "I told you I would see you again." The lady said while smiling.

Arthrall · Fantasy
78 Chs


Reed, a young man that had spent his entire life in the slums wished for a miracle. He dreamt that one day he'd escape the ghetto he had been born in and travel across the world. He longed to embark on an adventure and truly begin living a real life. Alas, it was not meant to be. The stars had other plans in mind for the young man. On the night of his sixteenth birthday, he had his life flipped upside down. Caught in the midst of a confrontation between two rival gangs, Reed suffered a fatal injury. As he laid on the street, Reed couldn't help but laugh at how unfair his life had been from beginning to end. Born poor? Sure. No parents? Okay. No opportunities in life? Fine. But his own miserable life, too? "What more can I be deprived of?" Reed muttered as he struggled to keep his eyes open. A soft voice chuckled and said, "Much, much more, boy. But you'll soon have the opportunity to have all your wishes fulfilled." "...If you can earn the right to obtain them." --------------------------------------------- Let this message serve as a FINAL warning to those who have come in expecting the 'usual' type of story on this site. This is 'NOT' a wish-fulfillment based story. Please do NOT come into this novel with the expectation that you will get some kind of fearless action hero. The MC is everything but that. That he will be... this 'fearless, intrepid' person straight out of the FIRST chapter. A bold, charismatic hero with an unshakable resolve and iron will. Get that irritating preconception out of your head right now if you dare venture further into the story. I KNOW that's what you're expecting because that's the common setup with the stories on this site. I am writing a story about personal growth, above all else. Be forewarned about that. I'm serious. That means that the character has to start from the bottom and work his way UP. Not in only in terms of power, but also in the strength of his character -- as in, maturing INTO someone who will become a hero. Not over the course of a SINGLE chapter like some stories do. Not in SINGLE arc, or volume, but over the course of the ENTIRE STORY. My main character starts off as COWARDLY, INDECISIVE, and WHINY. He is by NO measure a heroic person, or EVEN a whole person. He is weak-willed and flawed because that is how I HAVE WRITTEN him to be, for good reason. Now, it's your right to DISLIKE this decision I've made and not read the novel because of that. Absolutely. If you want an OP power-fantasy, then go find it elsewhere on the site. You do you. Don't let me or anyone stop you from reading what you want. But if you read my novel for what it is and then give it a poor review, criticizing it for having a "flawed, detestable, and pathetic main character," I WILL delete your goddamned review on that point alone. tl;dr: My main character isn't fucking He-Man and the Terminator's baby. He's a human being with all the ugly, pathetic parts you don't like seeing in your OP Reincarnation novels. ------------------------------------------------- Any comment or review you'd leave for the novel is worth more than gold to me. Have a good one.

FattyBai · Fantasy
201 Chs

Blue: Fallen Star

This is not some random story, this is the story of my life. Me, a complete average guy who's also kind of a spineless guy but face it everyone is spineless deep down. The question is whether or not you have gotten to the point where you became spineless. Haha but this same spineless guy is going to conquer everything. "Why are you British?" asked Hyla "I'm not British I just like the way they sound" replied Blue as he took a drag from his pipe usually other people would be driven near madness when they find out they have an alien in their body but I could barely stay strong What kind of Masochistic Alien System is this? This training method is insane "You want power? Then do it or you'll definitely die" A star came crashing down from outer space Creating ripple after ripple as it tried to destroy us and I have to save us all by using the same power from the Fallen Star Join Hyla as he embarks on a journey to survive and protect the world at large

Hila · Fantasy
154 Chs

Reborn in A World of Magic and Dragons

After passing away due to some unlucky circumstances, Liath is reborn as a noble in the world of magic and dragons. After even more unlucky events, Liath ends up being raised by a Dragon. After coming of age, he heads out on his adventure to see the new world.

Garrett_Ward92 · Fantasy
27 Chs

Journey Of A Legend

----------------------------------------------- "Would you make a deal with a Soul for power and glory? To become the best? The Supreme? But with huge consequences and struggle? After knowing that death is all the time behind you or that no one will remember of you after you succeed? After knowing what terrible things awaits you, would accept the offer?" ----------------------------------------------- "One day Altars with strange stones in it appeared all around the world. After humans realized the roles of these stones, people with unique powers started to appear one after another and the world started to change in a rapid pace. To make it worse dimension zones appeared out of nowhere on different points of earth with creatures like demons, devils, fairys, spirits, sacred animals or monsters in it. Slaying these creatures humans started to gain bigger and bigger power until Godhood and Immortality was not a dream anymore. However as time went by, strangly, no one could become a god nor an immortal..." ----------------------------------------------- This is a story, where a boy named Greg, whose life was always at the bottom and was filled with struggle and loneliness, suddenly changes, because of an unknown fate. "If God comes to stop me, I will surpass God! If heaven is about to collapse, I will be the one to support it and if my destiny is set in stone, I will change my fate! That's how I think it should be and that's how you should too." Come and follow our legend on his journey as he surpasses everything and anything on his way! Come and watch as he steadily reaches the top and uncover the unknown mystery behind his destiny! -----------------------------------‐----------- If you like Gods, Demons, Monsters and different kinds of creatures, with a main character, which breaks through every obstacle, then I think this is your book. However, this is not the common face slapping, super genius MC as you always read. No. This is something much more special, so you need patience:) _-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_- Author's thought This is very first novel that I try to build up to be great, so if you have anything that you don't like please feel free and write me on discord. My discord ID: Gery_#4021 -------------------------------------------- *The Book Cover is not mine. Credit goes to the owner and if its needed I will take it down!*

Gery_ · Fantasy
146 Chs

New World - A New Beginning

After finally dying in the arena amidst a dystopian world, I was reborn into a new one. With unfamiliar faces all around me and a new identity as Jay Cadmium, I will become a powerful binder to support my family and protect what I hold dear.

kenkan · Fantasy
95 Chs

Supreme Origin: Time King

Join Elijah Branches, a six year old boy in his path to trinity while he slowly discovers the Supreme Origin. Check out my new novel, Eden: The Rise of a Fallen God. (https://www.webnovel.com/book/16139046705990305/Eden%3A-The-Rise-of-a-Fallen-God)

StormEliteVII · Fantasy
286 Chs

I Am The Anti-Mage

Kim Ji-woo is back to his original world, but only to see everything is changed. Where Hunters with various magical powers fight monsters that come out from the Portal Gate. However, a soul that makes him to be different from other hunters, setting him on a course for an incredible and often times perilous Journey. Follow Kim Ji-woo as he embarks on an adventure to become an unparalleled existence through his curse into a blessing - the one and only in the dungeons world! ======================================= This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events, locales, and incidents are either the products of the author's imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.

Phantomfiend · Fantasy
33 Chs

"Peaceful" Life in a Different World

What will you do if you are reincarnated in another world full of wonders and magic? Of course, you want to be a Hero or a Villain! The problem is our Main Character chose not to become any of those, but he cannot avoid trouble!!! Meet Wreck, an average dude trying to live peacefully in a different world. Join him as he explores and accidentally establishes his legacy in this Medieval Fantasy World!!!! Uploads every day 7 chapters every week 1500-2000 words every chapter LOVE Y'ALL

D_EIRIC · Fantasy
172 Chs

Restarting Life In Another World

There is a programming error in the system called the world and a guy is a bug. God has volunteered to do experiments on him and after the successful experiment, he is reincarnated to a fantasy world filled with adventure, mystery, and magic. This is the story of a man who was reincarnated as a 15-year-old boy after a crazy experiment from God. A tale of how he restarted his life in the new world and how he became a Hero from Zero. Buy me a coffee: https://ko-fi.com/brpever Rules: 1) Usually, multiple chapters will be published every week. I will let you guys know if I am taking a break. 2) If we are able to reach 1000 powerstones weekly, I will release seven extra chapters during the weekend. 3) I am willing to work on suggestions and comments from my readers. 4) The credit of the cover picture goes to Aldnonymous and his friend Feni fenol which was released under Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported license on Wikimedia Commons and was modified by me (author). Discord: https://discord.gg/NChfKfz Note: This story is meant to be a fun isekai series. If you don't like such series or if you are looking for something too serious to read, this is probably not the one for you. You can try my other book 'Rising Against Fate' if you like a little more darker and serious type.

BRPever · Fantasy
173 Chs

Time Space User System

Finding himself waking up in a strange body, Luke Lewis realizes that it isn't the end; in fact, it was the beginning of his story. Invasion, Ability, Advanced Technology are the things Luke found upon living as another Luke Lewis. By any chance, he is also bestowed by a mysterious system. With it, he leaped from a normal person into a Transcender. Would he, Luke Lewis, find the purpose of his existence in here? Follow Luke's journey as he ventured through the mysteries that clouded over his transmigration. (Note: Chapter 10-50 still in editing process. Some different with earlier chaps might be present) Buy me a coffee: https://ko-fi.com/billycastellanos

Billy_Castellanos · Fantasy
73 Chs

Evolving Ghost System: Phantom Universe Expansion Pack

Harvard had been a well respected lawyer, but then he got killed by his girlfriend because he forgot to take out the garbage and she also had robbed a bank. Afterwards, he had a lot of time to think in the underworld before he got to meet King Yama - a beautiful women with the greatest mounds and body he'd ever seen on the ruler of the underworld. She invited him to take part in the phantom universe expansion pack, and because of his lot in life, she decided to give him a little bit of much needed help. He gets lucky enough to inherit the Evolving Ghost System, and journey into the new expanded universe! Inside, he will meet lots of beautiful women, complete quests from badass NPCS, and have fun joining a guild and terrorizing the new universe. There is nothing he cannot do with his new system! [Evolving Ghost System would like to give you a gift basket!] [All Host has to do is complete a simple Quest to receive it!]] 'Oh god, I hope it's more simple than killing 100,000 Ghost Slimes. My reputation is still ruined because of that!" Harvard nervously opened the prompt. "Oh no! Oh god! Here we go again!" *** Any votes are appreciated and will birth new chapters! Please add to the library as well if you wouldn't mind, and come back and expect daily updates if this story gets enough votes! Thank you for your largesse!

RazorIsSharp · Video Games
109 Chs

The Wielder of Death Magic

Thrust into an enigmatic world born from bloodshed; venture inside its complexities, dark-side, and always changing nature. At the center, a boy; brought up by an exiled mage, steps into a life of independence. A test to try and change his life for the better after witnessing what war can do to a person. The walk towards finding a stable living gets toppled as a unique magical element awakens. Using people, toying with emotions, doing anything and everything to get what he wants, this is the life of the next Death Reaper. Mostly emotionless, life continues as questions about his state of mind and being remains clouded behind many personas. This isn’t the story of a single man, it’s the story of a whole world. Read as the world builds itself from the ground up. Conspiracies, evil, the dark side of humanity. In addition, tis the start of a new age; the birth of monsters – a story depicting the tales of the first heroes and demons to ever exist. The Wielder of Death Magic isn’t a typical fantasy. The heroes don’t summon forth power from heroes of old, here, the characters are the ones who make up the myths and legends for the next generation. Amidst the turmoil, Staxius, he lives on, watching and waiting as the world grows. P.S, I’m not that normal of a writer, my advice is to not expect anything going into this world. Forget everything, I personally, don’t care about rules and limitations and what can be considered to be the norm – the characters are given life, the world moves on its own; I’m just a spectator. No plot, nothing planned, all that you read is the product of the characters moving and acting individually. As opposed to me subjecting them with my emotions, the connection is reversed. They are the ones who dictate the story (Believe it or not, that's the way I write) A world, a story, characters, and the foolish author; we all evolve as one. On behalf of the people mentioned above, thanks for reading, I appreciate it all. [Cover is copyrighted by Sxperimental]

Frostysyrup · Magical Realism
483 Chs

A technomancer’s journey in an apocalyptic world

Getting a chance to join a reputed college, chance to represent his country in international sports, a 15 year Ryan had everything a person could dream off to have a stable career and one day a lavish life but alas it all changed one night because of It’s arrival. The world itself changed because of It, Earth’s geography barely recognizable anymore, all semblance of Modern Civilization erased and survivors began to mutate as Humanity tethered on the brink of extinction as the people slowly succumbed into their baser needs, the world became place where only the Strongest may survive. Ryan himself had changed he gained the Power to manipulate Technology on his mere whim, but what would he do when technology itself had disappeared from the face of the planet build everything anew, while journey through and rediscovering a new but treacherous planet, fighting, foraging, rescuing others and trying to survive and may be one day unearth the truth behind the cataclysm. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Schedule: Below Top 300 rank: 4 chapters/week 200-300 rank: 5 chapters/week 100-199 rank: 6 chapters/week 50-99 rank: 7chapters/week 11-49 rank: 8chapters/week 4-10 rank: 9 chapters/week 3rd rank: 10 chapters/week 2nd rank: 12 chapters/week 1st rank: 14 chapters/week (Until and unless I am sick or something unfortunate came up I will follow this schedule.) So keep on voting, sharing, writing reviews and commenting to enjoy even more of my story.

SagelyDaoist · Sci-fi
88 Chs

Earth's Alpha Prime

[System is assimilating Earth with the rest of the Vast Universe.] [A Trial Program is needed for efficient assimilation and for that data needs to be recorded from 1111 individuals with Higher Potential Innate Abilities from the assimilating Planet.] [This Trial Program was further divided into 3 Sub Programs namely, ALPHA Program, BETA Program and GAMMA Program.] [Congratulations! You are one of the 11 Chosen individuals among 7.8 billion for the ALPHA Program.] [As a Chosen member among 11 individuals of Alpha Program you will be one of the first to start the Trial Program.] [When the Trial Program ends, the assimilation with Earth begins.] [Survive, overcome danger and grow stronger. All the Best.] Cover Art Credit: Fantasy Pics Inc Hi Guys I am an amateur author and am writing this as my new Hobby. If you find any grammar mistakes or anything, please let me know. Criticism is accepted, but don't outright hate the Novel. If you don't like the book, tell me why so I can improve upon it. Cheers! Happy Reading!

MN_1223 · Fantasy
40 Chs

Artist's Journey In Another World!

Lin Ke, a famous online artist, suddenly died one day from a rock that flew out of the sky. Having died and reborn into a new world, Lin Ke sets out on a journey to become the greatest artist he can, and in the process, make the world his canvas.

BlankSlate · Eastern Fantasy
184 Chs

Lumia: Other World

Witness the story of hired assassin that got reincarnated to the world of Lumia. He became a  curious child that wanted to master anything that piqued his interest. He will face serious challenges to save this world and get stronger as time goes by. Upon finding difficulties in this world, he wanted to master all Job Classes;  Ranger, Rogue, Knight, Warrior, Fighter, Paladin, Priest, Mage, Swordsman, he dreams of mastering them all. He will climb to the top to fight his enemies. Meeting someone who gave him a chance to master all Job Classes, he strives to master and get it all. While the world was at peace, a rebellion on the heavenly realm shook the world, and the former Angels became Fallens. Pouring out the wrath to the inhabitants of Lumia and brought the world into a dark age. Angels gave the gift called Systems to the chosen ones. The ones that will fight for the entire races' survival. The Kings rose to stand, the Heroes were searched for help, and young ones joined the Academy to get stronger. The world was in chaos, the survival of the entire race and the greater enemy's defeat is all at stake. Join Mael throughout his journey to solve his crisis and dilemmas in the world of Lumia. Author: Mel_Aniv Reviser: Mel_Aniv Editor: AngeDCruz Rewriter:AngeDCruz Proofreader: AngeDCruz Mentor: AngeDCruz Content Editor: JJeditor

Mel_Aniv · Fantasy
213 Chs