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To Get Her

Terror. One word to describe CEO Sanjun Alcantara who happens to be Ethina Montoya's new boss. Sanjun has been in love with his childhood friend, Siren Sandoval, for so long that instead of just courting her, he planned a wedding proposal. And he put Ethina in charge to finalize his plan. But Siren didn't show up due to an important matter. So to save his face, the proposal meant for the love of his life was made to Ethina. How will they solve the unexpected turn of events? Can he still get her? TO GET HER is now a published book and available in all leading bookstores nationwide! Grab your copy now!

BadReminisce · Romance
53 Chs

His Concubine

Mairy Alois was once a happy princess of the Aeternam empire. She once had a complete and happy family, and a happy kingdom. But, Everything changed when a young boy named Ignis came into the picture. Her happy life was stolen from her. Ignis ruined her life. She was once a princess, but she ended up being his concubine.

imsinaaa · Historical Romance
41 Chs

Princess Agents (Tagalog)

Matapos makatakas ni Chu Qiao sa pagkakakulong, isang pagsabog ang nagtapos sa kanyang buhay. Ngunit parang isang himala, natagpuan niya ang kanyang sarili sa katawan ng babaeng 8 taong gulang, na isang alipin. Sa pagkakataong ito, nakilala niya si Yan Xun, ang prinsipe ng Yan Bei. Naging sandalan nila ang isa’t-isa at sabay nilang hinarap ang mga pagsubok na dumating sa kanilang buhay. Walong taon ang i-nilagi nila para makabalik si Yan Xun sa kanyang bansa. Hindi sumuko si Chu Qiao sa pangalawang pagkakataon para mabuhay. Hindi niya hinayaan na masira ang prinsipyo niya sa buhay. Walang permanenteng bagay sa buhay. Minsan ay nag-iiba ang pananaw sa buhay at hindi maiiwasan na ibang landas ang tatahakin. Dito niya lubusang nakilala ang taong simula pa lang ay handa at laging nariyan para protektahan siya — si Zhuge Yue.

Xiaoxiang Dong'er · Historical Romance
292 Chs

Arcane Vampire: A Fabled Fiend

A boy who doesn't like his destiny-- Zedrick Olson is just a normal vampire who only wants to be human and ended up suffering due to lack of blood. Traumatize of what happened last 6 years ago that made him decide not to barge in to other people’s businesses not until he met a girl he saved from the river. …Savannah, the only person who has the courage to change the way Zedrick wants to be, a girl that will “change” the world. Gaining this weakness there will be also times that one of them will become evil. Although they do not desire such cruel fate, one of them must die to protect their loved ones.

Yulie_Shiori · Fantasy
62 Chs

Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet (Tagalog)

“Bakit napakalibog ni Si Ye Han? Ganito pa rin ang tingin niya sa akin?” Pagkagising niya, tiningnan niya ang kanyang sarili sa salamin: sinalubong siya ng sabog na wig, tatuan at mala-demonyong makeup. Kahit isang segunda lang, paniguradong masusunog ang mga mata ng isang normal na tao. Iba ang lalaking iniibig niya sa una buhay noon, bago siya mabuhay muli. Gusto niya lamang makawala kay Si Ye Han na kinagagalitan niya dahil ikinulong siya nito, Pero nang mabuhay siya ulit, nag-iba ang kanyang pananaw kay Si Ye Han, umaasa na siya na baka… magbabago na ito? Sa buhay niya noon, walang direksyon at napakagulo ng isip niya. Naghiwalay sila ng gwapo niyang asawa, sinaktan ng masama at mapanirang tao; higit sa lahat, ginamit siya ng matalik niyang kaibigan. At sa huli, siya ay naiwang nag-iisa. Pero ngayon, sa panibagong buhay niya, hinihintay at nagpa-plano na pabagsakin pa lamang siya ng mga masasamang taong iyon. Pasensya na pero, hindi na muli magpapaloko ang babaeng ito!

Jiong Jiong You Yao · Contemporary Romance
1393 Chs

My Youth Began With Him (Tagalog)

Seven years ago, after their breakup, he disappeared without a trace. Now, he reappeared on the eve of her wedding, sparing no means in forcing her to marry him… With a certificate of marriage, he bound her mercilessly to his side. From there, this “Cinderella” began her journey as a wife to the heir of a business empire... Mrs Huo - composed, sharp-tongued, and freakishly smart. Mr Qin - wife-spoiler to no end and a complete “slave” to their daughter. Quality love story, one on one. You are welcome to get hooked on this story with us.

Baby Piggie · Contemporary Romance
1965 Chs

The Billionaire's Contracted Wife [Tagalog]

A contract that should have been as simple as the paper it's written, turned upside down when Tanaga met Ashley and wanted her not only as a mother of his Heir but also his woman in bed. == CEO Tanaga Jones, Billionaire, single and not interested in having a woman in his life. [Until he met Ashley Gusman] Tanaga needed an heir for his empire, but he doesn't want a wife. He decided to contract a woman to bear him a child. [Comes Ashley Gusman] === Ashley Gusman a young Filipina whose one goal in life was to give her family a better life. She would do anything to achieve her goal even if she must become a surrogate mother for a Billionaire Heir. === What's written in the contract was straightforward. 1] Procedure to conceive the child: To be determined, 2] If successful and the child is a boy, the mother would receive a generous Ten-million dollars and free to leave, without the child. Contract terminated. Come and Journey with me and read how Billionaire Tanaga would do everything in his power to keep Ashley Gusman from leaving after the contract was fulfilled. ==== Other books by the Author: 1] I Accidentally Married a CEO [Completed] 2] The President's Daughter: Royal Whirlwind Romance 3] The Billionaire's Sons Meets The Tycoon Heiress Please! Check it out and support by voting and gifts. Thank you! If you want to chat with me. Join me in discord: https://discord.gg/CwtEzBG ************ Disclaimer: This novel’s story and characters are fictitious. Certain long-standing institutions, agencies, and public offices are mentioned, but the characters involved are wholly imaginary.

AJZHEN · Contemporary Romance
396 Chs

Hidden Marriage (Tagalog)

SYNOPSIS “Honey, gusto ko talaga ‘yung script sa drama…Kaya lang medyo mas maraming sex scenes ngayon. Pwede ko pa bang tanggapin?” Kalmadong sumagot si Lu Tingxiao, “Sige lang.” Nang gabing ‘yun, bumangon si Ning Xi mula sa kama nang nanginginig ang mga binti at nakakapit sa mga rail. Tinanong siya ulit ni Lu Tingxiao, “Gusto mo pa bang kunin ‘yung project?”

JIONG JIONG YOU YAO · Contemporary Romance
2001 Chs

Memories of the Night

COMPLETED His business rivals drugged a cold-hearted and handsome CEO, and the medicine intoxicated his whole body. The only way to cure him is through sexual contact. He went to the hospital to have his antidote, and a young nursing student who substituted someone to save this mysterious man fell into his trap. The ordeal lasted for three nights in a row. The man disappeared like he never existed before. After how many years, while she gradually discovers the mystery of her father's death, they meet again. For four years, he barely slept through full nights, and he developed severe insomnia caused by the drug. Accidentally, he accused her of being a thief. He captured and imprisoned her; however, vague memories of the scent and woman's body that served him during his struggling moment keeps haunting him. The smell of her body is like magic, gradually calming his restless nerve and making him sleep. He possessed her immediately and promised not to let her go the time he laid his eyes on her. He discovered she is the same woman who had become his antidote that night, yet he concealed the truth because she strives to flee away from him. No wonder he got a sense of déjà vu when he first saw her and smelled her fragrance. No wonder he was so enamored by her and her body. It turns out that she's the woman he often dreams about, the first significant woman in his life. The woman he is longing for and his beautiful nightmare. He fell in love with her and does all means to make her his wife. She wanted her freedom, and she refused him several times. The painful memory of the past keeps haunting her, and she promised to take revenge on a man who assaulted her four years ago. Would she fall in love with the man who takes advantage of her that night? Does the mysterious man, love at first sight, will change their fate? How long could he stand against her hatred to win her trust and love? Special Note: If you are looking for a sweet contemporary-romance genre, this novel doesn't have that kind of plot. Most plots of my novel talk about mystery, suspense, and a slice of life. Often FL starts a slow pace of development, from weak to strong.

AnnaShannel_Lin · Contemporary Romance
555 Chs

Arranged Marriage: Dangerous Heiress

>>>Mature Content !!! Read at your Own Risk... too much killing. Too much love could kill a person. For Andromeda, love could indeed kill her—if not physically, then mentally. It shattered her heart and soul when Zachary left her on that cold day. Can love kill you twice? When they meet again for a twisted arranged marriage, she knows she should never fall again. But here she goes… falling for him slowly. *** For Zachary, love could bring everyone into life. However, his soul is dead after he left her cold and broken. He broke her wings. Zachary loves her dearly that he's willing to let her go so she won't get hurt and so she could fly and find someone who would protect her well. He gave her up, so she could find someone that would fulfill the duty of protecting her more than he could. His love for her is too much that could give him life but somehow, that love makes him torture himself every day. Now, it seemed like destiny brings them together and this time he will do everything for her. Even his life is at cost. P.S. I Don't Own The Book Cover Join the server: https://discord.gg/gpgZdMN

TheIllusionist · Contemporary Romance
882 Chs


Henry used to be one of the poor local men in his small town .During his teen years he worked hard to brighten his life and his future ..Then after years of struggle and fighting he became an adult and achieved something, and he had everything but durimg that time he also lacked something too . Is it his fault that destiny wanted to play hard on him? Join his journey to know the prons and the cons which he faced and endured to know if anything happned during that time when he was searching for love , positivity and successfulness was all worth it .

nassyspace · Contemporary Romance
26 Chs

My Husband is the Emperor : I Woke Up With a Husband

"I'm your husband" suddenly a man claims to be my husband. How did it happen? Before my coma , The man I loved betrayed me and choose my step-sister, xie huelin . I was accused of abusing drugs by xie huelin and My birth parents kicked me out of the family. My foster mother was the only person who believes in me, But on the day I went back to my foster mother house, the house was burned and she fell into coma. The one who caused it was my step-sister, When I went to the hospital to meet my mother, I met an accident, that was also staged by her! I fell into coma and after a year I woke up, I met a handsome and he's known to be cold-hearted, ruthless and expressionless man who was known as the Emperor of the city. The CEO of Li cooperation , Li jun Wei And He claims to be my husband?! [ DISCLAIMER: the picture in the cover is not mine, credit to the owner! :) ]

mata0eve · Fantasy Romance
381 Chs

Lily: The Lady in Flats

"You were once the muse of my masterpiece, but now, you have become everyone's. What must I do to keep you for myself a bit longer? Should I just paint more of you? But a portrait could never capture your true beauty. What I've always been longing for is the one you have within - everything that makes you my one and only Lillian Daffodil, the muse of my dreams." I've never heard such heartfelt words before. At that very moment, as I stand before this man - a breath-takingly gorgeous sculpture of perfection in and out, I find myself feeling like I have turned back to those days when I'm just but a mere countryside girl. In his eyes, perhaps, I'll always be that girl - That girl who's so unladylike and stubborn, had her heartbroken at her worst, and repelled people due to how peculiar she was. Even then, he accepted that girl despite everything. "I love you, Lily..." And has actually even fallen in love with the old me who used to have nothing. --- Synopsis --- Love and dreams don't just fall from the sky - there are tears to be shed and things to be made right. At the age of sixteen, Lillian Daffodil still has no idea of who she wants to be. Her unladylike mien, peculiar sense of creativity and hoydenish behavior would always keep her from seeing her true charm and ability. Lost and with no destination in mind, underestimated for being a commoner, persecuted by envious peers, and unfortunate in matters of love - a girl could only take so much but even then, she just continued to move forward in hope to find what her heart was seeking all the time. "A Pioneer...?" Little did she know that a significant discovery could change her life forever - Lillian Daffodil soon becomes known as the "Lady of Many Trades" and the first ever fashion model of the empire. Yet just when she firmly decided to focus on her ventures after a series of heartbreaks, the most sought-after bachelors in the city also begin to make romantic advances towards her - Enter the son of a Count who keeps encouraging her to find her passion, a playboy with a sketchy sideline job, a designer who strives to revolutionize the fashion industry, and a travelling peddler with a big secret to reveal. When romance and ambitions come together, a fashion fairytale starts to unfold. --- - Poor-to-Rich Female Lead - Magic and Prophecies - Reverse Harem but not off-the-bat - Strong Female Lead Breaking Stereotypes - Family and Royalty Drama (Cover Photo not mine: Credits to the original artist)

Aciee_GelaTin · Historical Romance
190 Chs

I Reincarnated as a Shinai

Jodan no Kamae! It is the most aggressive stance in Kendo… It seems to be a sword style that only his Master was aware of... The oppressive aura that it exudes would intimidate almost every opponent that he fought with. It doesn’t matter whether they were using a higher-ranked Arcana, they would succumb to the unique sword style taught by his master… After the tough battle, he held the shinai as he placed it in the pool of blood. It seems to be a ritual that his master needed to do in order to awaken his true powers… While he was admiring his master, the latter was thinking of something else… “Urgh… When will I rank up? That battle was too dangerous… That ate a chunk of my Durability…" He was probably sweating by now if he has some pores. "Sigh~ Fighting against a Mythical Ranked Arcana is harder than I expected…”

xlntz · Fantasy
75 Chs

Tuan CEO, Manjakan Aku 100 Persen!

Selembar kertas cerai mengirim Xia Xinghe kedalam sebuah kemiskinan. Namun, karena sebuah kecelakaan mobil kemudian dia berubah menjadi seorang peretas profesional yang memiliki lebih banyak uang daripada yang bisa dia habiskan. Semua orang yang telah meremehkan, menindas, dan menertawakanku, tolong berbaris, aku akan menunjukkan kepada kalian apa arti menampar wajah itu! Tunggu, tunggu, tunggu. Orang yang di sana itu, mantan suami yang tidak lagi berhubungan denganku, jangan memotong antrean. Apa kau ingin membantuku menghadapi orang-orang ini? Tidak hanya itu, aku akan membantumu menghadapi tamparan wajah diriku sendiri!, pria tampan yang gagah dengan miliaran dolar di hidupnya, mengangkat telapak tangannya untuk menampar wajahnya sendiri tanpa syarat! Pesan: Ini adalah kekuatan seorang perempuan, tidak ada kecurangan, tidak ada kesalahpahaman, tidak beralasan, kisah percintaan 1v1. Juga, dimohon agar menduga hal yang tidak terduga dalam hal jalur plot dan tidak berfikiran ke struktur plot percintaan pada umumnya.

The Courtesan's Smile · Romansa Kontemporer
992 Chs

I'm the King Of Technology

Chu Yi dies in a car crash and becomes Landon Barn, the illegitimate son of king Barn, ruler of Arcadina. Because his mother was a maid and the king’s greatest disgrace, his father had always despised him. The same could be said for his half-siblings. When he turned 15, his father had announced that the city of Baymard would be given to him, and would no longer be under the empire's control. It was a well known fact that Baymard’s lands were barren, and poverty stricken.... For god’s sake, this was banishment. His deadbeat father had indirectly banished him from the empire. Chu Yi woke up in a carriage, on his way to Baymard with a system "So what if my father hates me? So what if I’m banished?.... I will turn my territory into a modern society"    . . Author here, thank you all for tuning in..... english is my second language... so I promise to try my best. P.S, please dont compare my Novel to others... not all world development novels have to have the same format.

lumydee · Fantasy
744 Chs

Heaven Can Wait!

[Warning : MATURE CONTENT] "Don't look at me like that Morpheous! Please!" Her quivering lips begged, but her ignited breath flamed nothing but sinful desires in him. "Ask me anything tonight Caroline, but don't ask me to stay away from you." Echoed his raspy voice as he cupped her chin tenderly. His smoldering amber eyes were fixated on her lips, aching to touch her softness for just a fleeting second. But the moment he leaned closer, something got etched on the wall next to her in a hue of yellow and vermilion. His jaws clenched and taking a step back, he cursed. "You!" "You need to stay away from me!" And she saw his amber eyes burn with a flicker of blue! --------------------------------------------------------------- He was a ‘Healer’, unlike his brothers who possessed immense angelic powers and craved for more, and she was a ‘Mortal’, passionate about doing her best to save human lives. Banished from the land of God, when he was thrown to earth; his wings clipped, she entered his life. Pained by the treachery of his brothers and the distrust of his father, the fallen angel was left with no reason to exist, but she showed him that there was more to earth than he knew about. She intrigued him, annoyed him but at the same time made him feel alive again. But the problem was, the more he got to know her, the more he was smitten. And angels were not supposed to fall in love with earthly beings. He became her shadow, but for her, he was her lifeline. But she had no clue that he had a hidden plan all long. What will happen when she gets to know that the man that she was head over heels in love with, was someone who was not even a human, for he was an angel, who had been sired by the devil. What will happen when he has to choose between her and the path to redemption? Read more and get swayed in the intense love affair of Morpheous and Caroline. ------------------------------------ Cover - I do not own this cover. I have just edited it. If you have any issues then kindly let me know. I will take it down Instagram - niharikabhol Discord - https://discord.gg/cPVJ69e Mentor - Piokilek (My friend, philosopher and guide. Do read his books!)

niharikabhol · Fantasy Romance
109 Chs

The Power Of Obsession

Warning : Mature Content Gaea Silva is a bartender waiting for her college graduation. One night, Gaea helps her injured friend and gets the mysterious rare diamond 'The Perfect Pink' in her locker. She brought the diamond to her apartment because she thought it belonged to her friend Lola who lived with her. The next day, Gaea, who was about to fly to Shanghai, was forced to become Eryk Enzo's fake fiancée after the 'The Perfect Pink' diamond to be used at auction turned out to belong to Eryk. Fate takes Gaea to the dirty secrets of Enzo's family and herself.

Nona_ge · Contemporary Romance
61 Chs

Fire Bride of the Water God

"Miss Yue, you must marry me and learn the art of cultivation" stated Fu Shui Jin. "What? Are you crazy? Why would I marry you? And I don't need to learn anything"! Ying Yue snapped at him. "You must learn it, you have no other option". Asserted Fu Shui Jin before he left the chamber. ~~~~ Ying Yue, a world class swimmer who tried to take her life after one failure following a lifetime of success, and yet instead of dying she ended up in the world of cultivation. Fu Shui Jin, former Water God widely known for his cultivation skills and a deathly scar called, "cicatrix of death". What happens when he crosses his path with the only woman who is capable of removing that scar and freeing him from the curse that resulted in his descent? Dive into the story and find out more!! ||WPC-17: Bronze Tier winner|| Cover photo is taken from pinterest and edited by sillymlk. This book is co authoring work of Sillymlk and Light_ray. Support our book by doing votes on the story and giving gifts.

Light_ray · Fantasy Romance
25 Chs


She thought getting married would curb her failures but she never knew that it was the beginning of a nightmare for her. Joanne an ambitious child who takes decisions as quick as possible without minding the consequences involve in it. Desmond a young and vibrant Doctor who like adventures and sees things beyond the human eye, finds Joanne attractive even with her flaws. But what would their fate be, will they settle as spouse or as friends.

Pepperish · Contemporary Romance
47 Chs