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Lo Que Cuenta la Gente

Pablo01 · Terror y Horror
Not enough ratings
2 Chs

The Prince of Heaven's Gate - Last Stand At World's End

Lucien was chosen by the God of Gamblers to participate in the Heaven’s Gate Project. Their goal was to help save a dying world from destruction, and ensure that it wouldn’t be destroyed a second time. Unfortunately, things didn’t go according to the God's plan. Lucien’s soul was heavily injured during the soul transfer and on the verge of collapse. Having no other alternative, the God of Gamblers was forced to take yet another gamble to preserve his chosen candidate’s soul and help him find a new vessel. As if arranged by Fate itself, Lucien’s soul wandered into the world of Solais until it merged with the dead body of a newborn baby that was left to float down a river. With his new identity as Lux, the boy realized that even with the blessings given to him by the Gods, saving a world was not an easy matter. In a world of Swords and Magic, where adventures run wild and free… the Legendary Saga of an abandoned Prince is about to begin!

Elyon · Fantasy
26 Chs

Blood Mage in the Apocalypse

The world has changed. Brought to its knees by the Impact, it is now infested with the Tainted and Awakened Beasts. Humanity, deposed from its throne at the top of the food chain, struggles to rediscover its place and find a new way to live. Join Adam as he awakens in this new world ruled by the mysterious Ouroboros System and embarks on a risky journey to save his family. Watch as he struggles to obtain power and further his understanding of Mana.

Valhaller · Fantasy
28 Chs

Sword God in a World of Magic

The God of this world had grown angry and frustrated yet again. His world was supposed to entertain him! It was supposed to be fun to watch! Yet, every single guy in his world only practiced Magic all of the time! This was so boring! "Alright, that's it. I need someone else, someone who actually has some originality to show my world that there's more than just Magic. I need someone that is willing to destroy themselves and others on his path to power. I need someone that doesn't crack under any mortal danger." "I should check out that other planet. Yes, you!" Alex was an ex-fighter trying to come to terms with normal life. Sadly, his life ended in tragedy, but before he could enter the afterlife, he was pulled away by a God that wants him to fix his world. Watch Alex as he dominates the world of Mages and becomes the only Sword God in a World full of nothing but Mages! ----- 2 Chapters a day at 3 am China-time. This is my second novel. You can also check out my first novel, Lightning Is the Only Way. Discord link: https://discord.gg/88Gy8Zk6FU

Warmaisach · Fantasy
102 Chs


“Even if the world shuns me, laughs at me, gives me strange looks, and labels me as a freak, I will not give up. I will never give up on what I believe in, even if it takes years, I will continue to persevere until I achieve my goal and get what I deserve!” These were the words Juan always told herself deep down in her heart whenever she looked at the mirror. These were the words that made her keep on going whenever they laughed at her, mocked her for being ugly. To her, as long as she has faith even as small as a mustard seed, she believes that one day, her time will come and her life will change for the better. All she needed was a chance, an opportunity and that is all it took for her life to be changed eternally forever. Destiny came knocking at her door and no matter how many times she tried throwing this chance away, it followed her home and from that day going forward, Juan, the ugly and clown everyone was used to became a beauty that many couldn’t touch. Even if the journey wasn’t simple and rocky, she wasn’t willing to give it up and live a life of suffering as she did. Will there be happiness waiting for her at the end of the road? Will she be willing to sacrifice it all to achieve her dreams and goals?

GEEGEE · Fantasy Romance
38 Chs

You Think I Won't Talk?

Elizabeth, a girl with an unusual personality is reincarnated into the body of a mute woman in what appeared to be medieval times. However, the people surrounding her seemed familiar. She had transmigrated as the dead villainess's older sister in a +19 rated novel she read long ago in her past life. Marianne, the previous owner of the body, had a tragic past. Abused by his obsessed older brother and little sister, the part of her soul left in the body doesn't give Elizabeth freedom. Now she will discover the truth behind Marianne's condition, experience unknown feelings and recall her past to overcome these new difficulties. 'I'm gonna go crazy...how is it that this girl didn't even have her name mentioned in the novel?... some authors really are idiots...' ——————————————————— This is an original Story ^^ Author: XimenoideX Twitter: @XimenoideX

XimenoideX · Fantasy Romance
50 Chs

Selalu Ada untukmu

"Raymond Mahendra Dirgantara"seorang pria Yang berdarah dingin, kejam, dan bahkan arogant. Yg membuat nya menjadi terkenal di kalangan masyarakat, dia juga seorang CEO muda yg mempunyai perusahaan yang bernama Mahendra Company, dia tak pernah merasakan apa itu jatuh cinta, sehingga suatu hari dia menemukan seorang gadis yg menurut nya berbeda dari gadis lain. "Arrina Mauren Maudya" seorang mahasiswi di kampus universitas Gajah Mada yang berumur 18 tahun, dia seorang gadis biasa yang mendapat kan beasiswa, orang tua Aza telah meninggal dunia sejak umur Aza menginjak 14th dan dari situ dia di titipkan oleh panti asuhan ibunda kasih, dan sampai sekarang dia masih berada di panti asuhan itu. Bagaimanakah kisah Cinta mereka, so simak aja guys..

RinaMardiana_22 · Romansa Kontemporer
93 Chs

After reincarnating, I became a second generation villain

When opened his eyes, Lin Tian realized that he was reincarnated into the modern cultivation world. Seeing this person's memory, his expression became gloomy because his identity is a young master from a rich family. Knowing this, some people might be happy, but not for him. He had read many modern cultivation world theme novels. Doesn't the young master like him is a stepping stone for the protagonist, and had a tragic ending? Just when he was really desperate, suddenly the system came. [Ding, congratulations to the host for binding the destiny villain system] [Beginner's prize has been distributed] [Congratulations to the host for obtaining a martial emperor level cultivation base] Cool, just slumped, but now invincible? ______________________________ First of all, this novel doesn't have any elements of a brainless Harem, our MC will not be like other MC who every time he goes somewhere, he will bring another woman. But there is romance, and the heroin is a very strong person like peerless empress reincarnation.

abinn · Eastern Fantasy
172 Chs

Transmigrated With A Resolution System

Waking up in an alternate world didn't seem half as bad as Nix thought it would. He was a digital artist with a ruined reputation. After a long night of drinking on New year's Eve, he wakes up to what he believed to be his home, a tablet and a stylus in front of him. The very equipment he had sold a long time ago. Curious to explore why the tablet had made its way back to him, two notifications popped on its screen. [Escape reality by drawing out your fantasy] [Redeem yourself, with your creativity. Find the path to enlightenment.] Nix decides to draw one last artpiece–a world filled with gifted users, magic users, and dragons. Not knowing this artpiece would send him into this world as a fire rank user with a system. As an unrivalled rank among the gifted and magic users, he sets out to explore the world of his creation, while infiltrating an organisation which had ruined the fresh new start he had hoped to achieve. ––––––––––– Ps- The cover doesn't belong to me. Text editing done by yours truly ( ꈍᴗꈍ) Do read my pinned review! Discord server - https://discord.gg/A6cpxG8SnK ––––––––––– Contact the author to discuss more about story or share your thoughts with me! Discord: Bloomjay#0759 Instagram: Bloom_a_ & Bloomseries Any insightful comments/review gets a chapter dedicated to such user (。•̀ᴗ-)✧ ––––––––––– Daily updates within (00:00 – 02:30) GMT+8 2-3 chapters daily Other tags: [Transmigration, dragons, dark, level up, beast taming, summon, counterattack, betrayal, deceit, academy, infiltration, no harem, gore, ability, organization, yandere, another transmigrator.... to be added as the story progresses] ––––––––––– Weekly Event ––––––––––– > 200 Powerstones within a week= 1 bonus chapter > 500 Powerstones within a week= 2 bonus chapters > 900 Powerstones within a week= 3 bonus chapters ––––––––––– Monthly Event ––––––––––– > 50 golden tickets at the end of the month = 1 bonus chapter > 200 golden tickets at the end of the month = 2 bonus chapters > 400 golden tickets at the end of the month = 3 bonus chapters > 800 golden tickets at the end of the month = 4 bonus chapters > 1.6k+ golden tickets at the end of the month = 10 bonus chapters ––––––––––– Privilege unlocks ––––––––––– 1k+ unlocks at the during the month = 3 bonus chapters 5k+ unlocks at the during the month = 7 bonus chapters 15k-20k+ unlocks during the month =10 bonus chapters for the first day of the next month & 4 chapters daily starting by the next month

Bloom759 · Fantasy
142 Chs

Sayap Pelengkap

Dalam sebuah hubungan dibutuhkan sikap untuk sama-sama saling mencintai, menyayangi, perhatian, percaya dan apa adanya. Ya, itu adalah hal yang paling dibutuhkan dalam menjaga sebuah hubungan.     Dari A-Z sudah mereka saling lakukan. Hubungan mereka berjalan dengan mulus selama enam tahun ini. Namun, ada hal yang membuat hubungan selama enam tahun ini hambar dalam setiap tahunnya. Tidak bosan, hanya saja sedikit merasa aneh.      Bahkan, perselingkuhan sudah pernah hadir dalam hubungan mereka. Namun, bukannya berakhir malah semakin erat. Keduanya sama-sama ada orang ketiga dan hal itu seakan bukan hal yang aneh.     Jessica dan Fauzan sama-sama mencari titik terang dari rasa hambar dalam hubungan mereka itu.     Lalu, apakah mereka mampu menemukan masalah dan penyelesaiannya sebelum hubungan mereka berakhir?     Atau justru hubungan mereka yang akan lebih dulu menemukan titik terangnya?      

Lovurple4_ · Romansa Anak Muda
146 Chs

Global Game: AFK In The Zombie Apocalypse Game

Fang Heng was transmigrated to a parallel world and his soul was forced into the body of a man who had just committed suicide. Huh? What? Every human here was being forced to join a game? Those who refused would be killed? Wait? This suicide dude was a pro gamer? He had the highest S-rank talent sill, the Zombie Clone? Damn! The S-rank skill evolved! My zombie clones could auto hunt! [Your zombie army has crafted Wooden Axe x720 when you were offline. You have received 1921 experience points for the Basic Crafting skill.] [Your zombie army has chopped down 27,821 trees and gathered 128,973 pieces of wood while you were offline. You have received 2,171,921 experience points for the Basic Wood Chopping skill.] Just as the rest of the players were struggling to survive in the zombie apocalyptic game, Fang Heng's zombie clones were starting to clear every resource out of the forest. Hm... What an interesting game!

Empire Black Knight · Video Games
275 Chs

Little Girl (Eng Ver)

A dream marriage that he had dreamed of since childhood, in fact reality forced him to accept what God had destined for him to live. It wasn't the good fortune that everyone was grateful for, but the grim destiny that he tried to ignore. Moreover, the annoying man figure also disturbs him who is busy as a brand ambassador of various high-end products, torturing him slowly with the presence of disgusting women every day in his mansion. Hey.. who doesn't feel uncomfortable with the presence of other women in his household even though he doesn't like his own husband? More precisely, she hates the handsome man who is destined to follow her life's journey now. “You think I would be attracted to a lowly woman like you? Do not dream!" It was always the word that swirled in his mind when feelings started to flow from his heart. Then what should he do to get rid of that bastard's words that had already led too deep into his memory? the setting, time, or the similarity of the name is purely the author's accident... that's all and enjoy :V

Anesa_mons · Contemporary Romance
48 Chs

The Lyminael: Tyra and Noah

Keserakahan salah satu negara bagian  telah menyebabkan terbukanya Portal Konvergensi Entropi yang selama ini menjaga keseimbangan energi antara Lyminael sebagai negeri ambang batas dengan dunia manusia. Akibatnya, Lyminael melemah, kerusakan alam terjadi dimana-mana. Tidak hanya itu, empat elemen Clairvoyance sebagai penyokong energi utama yang selama ini disatukan di negara bagian Kestrea telah terpisah. Pemisahan itu terjadi setelah keempat negara bagian sepakat untuk memiliki minimal satu elemen guna memperkuat eksistensi negara masing-masing. Namun sayang, rupanya distribusi Clairvoyance yang dianggap adil itu tetap  mengundang Ziev, Kaisar negara bagian Sleushus untuk merebut dan menguasai empat Clairvoyance sekaligus. Ziev telah melakukan invasi ke negara bagian lainnya, merebut kekuasaan dan wilayah mereka, kecuali Freustrel. Tidak hanya itu, Ia bahkan ingin memperkuat energi Clairvoyance melalui fusi dengan energi sihir. Kekacauan yang dilakukan Ziev menyebabkan Noah Clodio, seorang Jenderal Muda dari Kestrea harus pergi ke dunia manusia untuk menemui Elleanor Tyra, gadis yang menurut ramalan Zoey Malum adalah seorang Ieves, alias pengendali empat elemen Clairvoyance. Dalam misinya, Noah diharuskan untuk menyatukan energinya dengan Tyra, karena hal itu dipercaya akan menjadi sumber kekuatan Lyminael yang baru, melindungi negeri ambang batas itu dari berbagai gangguan, termasuk energi sihir. Namun hal itu tidak semerta merta mudah, karena penyatuan energi yang dimaksud adalah bagaimana mereka dapat merasa berada dalam satu jiwa, pikiran, dan perasaan, sebagaimana pasangan yang hidup saling mencintai sehidup, semati, sejiwa. Lalu dapatkah energi mereka bersatu ketika keduanya sama-sama telah mencintai orang lain? Siapa yang harus berkorban lebih besar untuk menyelamatkan negeri ambang batas, serta apa saja keajaiban-keajaiban yang mereka alami dalam perjalanan panjang tersebut? Unlock the answer by reading this story! ----------------- Hi, Readers! Welcome to the fifth novel by me, Aleyshia Wein. Novel kali ini agak berbeda dari sebelumnya, dimana mengangkat genre Fantasy-Romance. Konsep cerita banyak menggunakan unsur dan elemen dari fisika dan metafisika. Kebanyakan hal-hal magis juga akan dijelaskan dalam sudut pandang tersebut. Banyak unsur dan elemen (eksternal dan internal) yang membaur dan rumit di awal-awal cerita dan menjadi bagian dari proses/plot. Cerita ini juga akan lebih menggaris bawahi pengembangan secara keseluruhan (kerajaan dan sistem energi), disamping pengembangan hubungan dua karakter utama. Latar belakang dan budaya cerita ini adalah di Eropa Barat (medieval) dan Asia Tenggara (Indonesia, di tahun 2020). Semua hal dalam cerita ini hanya fiktif belaka, dan berdasarkan murni imajinasi Author. Semoga pembaca menyukai dan dapat membantu mengembangkan cerita ini melalui komentar dan review. Terima kasih Regards, Aleyshia Wein

aleyshiawein · Romansa Fantasi
104 Chs

The Outliers - Evolution to the World's Strongest

In a world where, unbeknownst to most of Earth's population, people with special powers exist, known as Meta-Humans. Such people belong to one of two opposing organizations. The first, known as Harmony, aims to coexist with regular society and protect them from superhuman or supernatural threats while remaining in the shadows. The second, known as Eden, aims to overthrow regular human society and establish a world where the super-powered reign supreme. These two opposing sides have been fighting for centuries, with countless conflicts scattered throughout history. The power balance between the two had remained even for a long time, and in order to tip the scales in their favor, Harmony began a certain project...the creation of nine orbs made using pure, natural power, known as Meta-Orbs. These orbs can grant a person unimaginable power, but right as the creation of these objects is completed, a conflict results in all nine Meta-Orbs being scattered throughout the world...and anyone who comes across them will gain immense power, even normal humans, therefore giving rise to the world's first unnatural Meta-Humans. And so, this ensues a vicious scramble between Eden and Harmony, as both sides look to find the people that come across the Meta-Orbs and take them into custody. These artificially-induced unnatural Meta-Humans are labeled as 'Outliers', and in the span of a few days, all of them have their lives irreversibly changed. Whether this change is for the better or worse, remains to be seen...

Aimdaqs · Fantasy
127 Chs

Reincarnated to Bonk in Another World

Bonk is justice! No Horny! Having been tormented by the loneliness of his life, Albert chose to escape by indulging himself in sexual desire. Unfortunately, his life came short. STD, AIDS, Syphilis, he was inflicted by severe diseases and died in regret. Now he has grasped a second chance and reincarnated in another world as a Demon Dog. With the help of his golden wooden bat, he traveled to prevent anyone from dying due to the same diseases. Horny People? Slay! Seduction? Bonk! Trying for the first time? Horny Jail! Bonk is justice! And I shall serve justice! -------- Other Works: 1. God of Tricksters 2. Gacha Sovereign (Completed) 3. The Magician of Sound (Completed) -------- Discord: https://discord.gg/HYvMbb4

Fixten · Fantasy
229 Chs

Owned By The Mafia Boss

His dark eyes stared into mine with no emotions at all. “Xav—” “Shut up!” I flinched and let out a shuddered breath. He came closer and took a hold of my neck as if trying to choke me or something. I stared at him and breathed heavily. “Just shut up.” I looked down and closed my eyes. “I own you.” His words resounded in the room. They were like torture to me and I couldn’t escape. I was trapped with him and there was no way out. ______________________ Join me on the roller coaster ride of love and hate, following Xavier Valencian -- a handsome, yet devilish mafia boss and his new interest -- Scarlett Walker. What happens when Scar's dad sells her to the mafia boss for three million dollars? Can she buy her back & save her life, or will she be always a prisoner to his little tricks? [Updated regularly. A long book with over 500k words intended, dark romance.]

lexiwrites · Contemporary Romance
13 Chs

The Lethal Revenge

Terlahir dari keluarga kaya raya yang memiliki bisnis kontraktor, membuat Elia jeoung memiliki hidup yang sangat sempurna. Kehancuran terjadi saat ayahnya dituduh melakukan pembunuhan yang tidak ia lakukan. Sejak saat itu usahanya mulai bangkrut, hingga rumah disita. Beberapa bulan setelah kejadian itu, Elia Jeoung mendapat kabar bahwa ayah kandungnya telah meninggal di dalam penjara. Curiga dengan kematian sang ayah, Elia Jeoung menyelidiki apa yang sebenarnya terjadi dan berhasil menemukan petunjuk. Elia yang sangat kecewa dan marah, berjanji akan membalas dendam. Segala macam cara ia lakukan demi membalaskan semua rasa sakit yang ia rasakan. Dapatkah Elia Jeoung menemukan pelaku yang sebenarnya? Apakah Elia Jeoung berhasil membalaskan dendam atas kematian sang ayah? Baca kisahnya di setiap bab.

Savio_91 · Romansa Kontemporer
9 Chs

Grim Dark Sanity

Have you ever wondered if you can have multiple rebirths? But then it was your last. Lived for many millennia but the evil and darkness were still not vanquished. With the last person tasked with protecting humanity, what would you do? You are left alone with a task impossible to complete. You refused but you are the only one capable left. Troan, as an old soul who was as old as the founder of tribes, was left with a perilous journey yet to be seen. Disclaimer: There is no copyright infringement intended. I give credits to the real owner and I am not the real owner of the cover. If the owner wants to take down the cover just let me know. This novel is a WSA 2022 contestant. Hope it brings fun and entertainment while being read. Enjoy!

Mel_Aniv · Fantasy
18 Chs

The Atrocious Werewolf Prince

[ Hello dear readers add me on discord to be in touch with novel man's fan community. Discord Server: https://discord.gg/suq7P4kg2v ] After Ragnarok, the gods and demons died, the heroes perished and all the beasts who fought them toe to toe ceased to exist as well. The world evolved, after the death of every superior being, the inferiors started to learn the ways to gain those celestial powers, some even surpassed the gods. They were gifted with the spirits of deceased powerful beings. Spirit stolen at birth, the prince of once a doughty werewolf kingdom, Ezra Zephyr is plagued by the curse of god until the fate draws him to a mysterious domain. Where he mets a beast, who became Ezra's spirit. That beast was no ordinary beast at all, he was the evil monsterous wolf of Norse, who killed Odin and devoured the Sun, he was Fenrir son of Loki and Angraboda. From that moment the Ezra Zephyr changed his innocence with atrocity. Join Ezra Zephyr as he wreck havoc in the world with evil Fenrir as his spirit. A world where both Cultivators and Sorcerors fight for supremacy, a new fantasy world where Qi and Mana co-exist. (NOTE: Keep 3 things in mind before reading it) 1. I planned this novel when I was reading Dragon Prince Yuan, so the first 9 chapters will look like thay. It is my way of showing my respect to that novel and admitting it, but after chapter 8 the story will change. 2. This novel will be dark and vicious, the word atrocious is not used for attention. If you can not handle such stuff, don't read it. In fact as a warning, you can say that the MC is a pretty ruthless villain, so do expect a roller coaster coming your way. 3. I will use Werewolves in a cultivating world. 4. Ever read multiple mythologies in single novel with details of all records? if no then read this. I will make this novel a unique one. (MYTHOLOGIES USED IN NOVEL) 1. Norse Mythology 2. Greek Mythology 3. Egyptian Mythology 4. Celtic Mythology 5. Mesopotamian Mythology 6. African Mythology 7. Indian Mythology 8. Chinese Myyhology 9. Japanese Mythology 10. Slavic Mythology 11. Ociana Mythology and many other small mythologies such as Mesoamerican, Arthurian etc. I will bring back the forgotten heroes, gods, demons and their tales in the novel.

The_Novel_Man · Fantasy
15 Chs

The Author is an Extra, The MC is a Reincarnator

Zaiden Archman. He’s the main character in my novel called ‘Awakener’s Dead Harem’. As an author, I love it when my main character suffers and is depressed. He’s the main character that I took pride in. With my novel about to end, I pushed myself to write the last volume. However, what I never expected was that it would be the end of me too. When I opened my eyes again, I had become Vincent Dihart, an Extra in my novel, who is only mentioned a few times in the novel. I then found out a sad truth about my Main Character that I took pride in. He has changed. He’s not the Main Character that I made. He’s a Reincarnator. Someone has replaced my Main Character. And that someone has read my novel. I feel empty and betrayed. As an Extra, I will not be able to save this world from danger. Only the Main Character is the one who can save this world. But, he will also not be able to do it without being depressed. So the answer is clear. “I will make him suffer.” This is my story about living as an Extra. And once in a while, messing with the Reincarnator to make him suffer. Weekly Bonus Chapter: 300 Power Stone: 1 Bonus Chapter! 700 Power Stone: 2 Bonus Chapters! 1500 Power Stone: 3 Bonus Chapters! Disclaimer: The Cover is Commissioned from @just_dit It's edited by: Reina, Lilith Arruelle, Swordater, and Ganoush Shoutout to them!

RaizarP · Fantasy
26 Chs

The Fairies Tail

Fairy Tail, once the strongest guild in all the land. Now, but a mere laughingstock. Cobalt Ray, the Sea God Slayer planned to change that all though, and make Fairy Tail great again. https://www.patreon.com/0Jordinio0 - Feel free to support me on Patreon. (Second Person)

0_Jordinio_0 · Anime & Comics
25 Chs