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Darkest Fall

Diesel punk and noir fiction meet magic, vampires, and werewolves in this re-imaging of the great events of the 1940's. When Dave's brother, Doug, goes missing and he puts his keen detective skills to work, he uncovers age old secrets of darkness that the world is not ready to face. Along the way, he joins forces with the neurotic Emily, a witness to the coming darkness; the cynical vigilante Sydney, who wants to put an end to the supposed danger; and Connor, a bounty hunter with a chip on his shoulder. But as it turns out, the danger promises to consume not only their home, for the world itself has become a target.

MarcelRogers35 · Fantasy
21 Chs

Game Master of Souls

The Lord of Death is dead and the Abyss is in turmoil. While its most powerful denizens vie for control over Death’s seat, a young reaper named Morgana sees a golden opportunity. She hatches a plan to rise above the ranks of Death’s former servants and travels to the mortal plane in search of the perfect soul to become her accomplice. Leonardo Dante, the world’s greatest game developer, is dying tonight. As a young man he sold his soul to Death for more time to chase his dream. But as the sun sets on his life for the final time, he meets a strange teenage girl who offers him a choice; be reaped by her and join countless lost souls in the Abyss or help her bring order to Death’s domain by duping foolish mortals called gamers into selling their souls to her. Despite being conflicted by this fiendish request, Leo’s desire to finish his dream outweighs any guilty conscience, and so the pair forms a strange new partnership. Together they set out to create the ultimate gaming experience! RELEASE SCHEDULE: Daily Chapter releases at 9 - 10 PM GMT+8 Participating in the Webnovel #Spirity Awards for Spring 2020 -- so if you like the book so far, please don't forget to vote stones. Want to read more of my works? Check out THE FOOLHARDIES (ML-Fantasy) only on Webnovel. NEW COVER by OKAZE_ARTS - Sean Lumiano. Check him out on Instagram! Follow me on Twitter "@WhoisGDCruz" for updates on Game Master of Souls and Foolhardies.

GD_Cruz · Video Games
221 Chs

Run on Shadow's Edge

Forensic Jorge Velez is on the heels of a series of murders but the events unfolding may have already happened. His team found intertwined events, unusual evidences, strange disappearances, time lapses, and feeling of 'deja vu'. In order for them to truly find out what is happening they literally need to run towards the shadow's edge and fell 150 meters below. -------- Did he just walk inside a top secret military program? Where is Dr. Molina? What is his purpose in inviting him? The electric noise was literally raising all the hair on his arms. There were sudden huge sparks that could literally fry and it randomly  hit the floor and the tall ceiling above. What is this place? There is something massive going on and he needed to understand what this is all about. "Impressed?" A man behind him asked. It was Dr. Molina. He removed his goggles and grabbed Jorge's arms. "I could see you are in a confused state. Come inside the briefing room." Confused is an underestimation. Jorge was literally in a state of shock. Inside the briefing room, Jorge's hand was trembling as he drank a glass of water together with his medication. He needed something to calm himself down. The voices he heard in his radio, the message from Colonel Riva, and this massive thing in front of him is just too much to process in the blink of an eye. He needed to slow down. "What's going on?" Jorge's asked as Dr. Molina pore over the result of many of his experiments. "What you see is what you get Jorge. It's the real deal. A time machine." Jorge felt his breathing stopped. He heard it loud and clear. A T-I-M-E machine.

ags2020b · Sci-fi
141 Chs

Tired of Death

ZOMBIES!! Undead monsters or simply misunderstood? Follow the exploits of a group of dead and half dead, as they rampage across the realm, looking for their enslaver! Horror! Gore! Action! Humour! Romance! Adventure! Almost none of these things are present. But why take my word for it? See for yourself! First hit's free! ;)

Neil_H · Fantasy
144 Chs

Essential NPC with a Chicken

Bob the barn owner from Bagel village. An Essential tutorial NPC, typical of any game. One fine morning, Bob gains sentience and begins to question his immortal humanity. Immersion Online. A Virtual Reality Massively Multiplayer Open World Role-Playing Game (VRMMORPG) that took the continent of Asia by storm. In that game, nobody expected a certain tutorial NPC would dominate the meta. Follow the adventures of Bob on his journey to discover just what he really is and laugh along with his shenanigans. Just a heads-up, this is a gag novel so if you laugh you lose. If you have anything to say to me personally, send me a DM on discord at Goat#9660

SquareGoat · Video Games
195 Chs

The Soul Keeper

The smell of blood invaded my nostrils. I watched helplessly as the woman standing over me raised her sword. I was completely drained, I had no mana left, no items, nothing. As the crimson tendrils held me down by my arms and legs, all I could do was wait for my death. As the sword drew near, I felt the last bit of courage I had disappear. I was going to die. Alone. In this god forsaken place filled with evil. And for what? To protect those ‘friends’? The same people who mocked me, took advantage of, and used me? Oh, who am I trying to fool? I was here only because of my own greed. Because I wanted to be useful to someone. Because I wanted to that group to need me. To value me. To have a reason to keep me around. How naïve I was, thinking that power would grant those wishes. All it did was help build a wall between me and everyone else. The sword approached. I saw the purple light reflect off the sword’s blade. After everything I went through, I hadn’t expected my death to be by the hands of another player. I saw her smile, but this time I didn’t think it was beautiful. It was an ugly smile because it was genuine. She was enjoying watching me die. She was enjoying killing me. The sword struck my chest and pierced my heart. I let out a scream of pain and agony. The pain was so real, all of this was so real. It shouldn’t be, but it was. What should have been a simple game had become my new reality – all of our new reality. A reality filled with magic, war, blood, and death. My vision darkened as the pain slowly faded. I felt the last of my vitality leave my body. It felt cold. I wondered to myself, when would I stop being? When would my thoughts disappear? Soon, I saw those words I feared for all this time appear before me. “DEATH”, in the pale blue font the game always used. They remained suspended in the air for several seconds. It was over. After a long time of fighting, grinding, and exploring, it was finally over. I had died. This was the end of my story. Suddenly, words before me shifted and changed into something different. I took a shallow breath as I heard a faint heartbeat. * * * Cover art by me * * * We have a discord! Come say hi, chat with me and receive updates on status of my novels! https://discord.gg/2EFthae7XR * * * This story is my submission for the Webnovel Spirity Awards.

Dweia · Video Games
180 Chs

The Hollow God

A boy who has been bed sick since he was born finally reached the end of his life. Fortunately the gods decided to give him another chance and allowed him to be born into a new world. The only problem was that, he was not human! "I was only joking when i said that all I needed was a healthy body and that i didn't even need to be human OK? You didn't have to take it seriously!!" The frustrated scream of a little manta reverberated in the dark underwater world.

PeaceAndQuiet · Fantasy
31 Chs

The God of the Undead

How would you feel living a life of absolute misery and pain? What would think when the sister of a girl you were falsely accused of killing breaks into your home and kills you by accident. Even the Gods are unsettled with what humanity has become, so what do they offer John? A: Reincarnation B: Power C: Revenge D: The choice to start apocalypses throughout the three universes. or E: All of the Above You know where this is going.

ThatFroggyBastard · Video Games
51 Chs

The Wielder of Death Magic

Thrust into an enigmatic world born from bloodshed; venture inside its complexities, dark-side, and always changing nature. At the center, a boy; brought up by an exiled mage, steps into a life of independence. A test to try and change his life for the better after witnessing what war can do to a person. The walk towards finding a stable living gets toppled as a unique magical element awakens. Using people, toying with emotions, doing anything and everything to get what he wants, this is the life of the next Death Reaper. Mostly emotionless, life continues as questions about his state of mind and being remains clouded behind many personas. This isn’t the story of a single man, it’s the story of a whole world. Read as the world builds itself from the ground up. Conspiracies, evil, the dark side of humanity. In addition, tis the start of a new age; the birth of monsters – a story depicting the tales of the first heroes and demons to ever exist. The Wielder of Death Magic isn’t a typical fantasy. The heroes don’t summon forth power from heroes of old, here, the characters are the ones who make up the myths and legends for the next generation. Amidst the turmoil, Staxius, he lives on, watching and waiting as the world grows. P.S, I’m not that normal of a writer, my advice is to not expect anything going into this world. Forget everything, I personally, don’t care about rules and limitations and what can be considered to be the norm – the characters are given life, the world moves on its own; I’m just a spectator. No plot, nothing planned, all that you read is the product of the characters moving and acting individually. As opposed to me subjecting them with my emotions, the connection is reversed. They are the ones who dictate the story (Believe it or not, that's the way I write) A world, a story, characters, and the foolish author; we all evolve as one. On behalf of the people mentioned above, thanks for reading, I appreciate it all. [Cover is copyrighted by Sxperimental]

Frostysyrup · Magical Realism
483 Chs

Runners Survivors

After waking up with a vague recollection of the past, our MC finds himself as a humanoid tester in a corporation. He doesn't know who he was, or why he was there, the only thing he knew is that he has to test the humanoids sent to them or death awaits him. The only way to escape this predicament is to participate in the annual freeing of workers: Runners Survivors. Run or Be Captured. Fight or Be Killed Welcome to the Runners Survivors! Run for your life! Ready!!! Start!!! *DISCLAIMER* Personally edited book cover but image does not belong to me.

DaisukiDayoSenpai · Sci-fi
235 Chs

Ascension of the Master Assassin

Venn was a nobody in life. Heaven Descent was everything he had. Having spent every waking moment playing the game as a game rat, he found himself back in time to the first time he started playing Heaven Descent after drowning himself with alcohol the day his sister died. With no knowledge of stock market nor sufficient capital, he is determined to rise to the top of the game this time to save his sister from her illness. "Watch me! I shall take everything that belongs to me and more this time, even if it meant prying them from the clutches of Heaven!" Check out my discord: https://discord.gg/9SAzmrH If you wish to donate via paypal: paypal.me/POTNW https://www.patreon.com/thisisplankton

Minimal_Effort · Video Games
33 Chs

Dungeon Maker

When I was 15-years-old, during the year that I graduated from middle school, my father told me this. “The Devil’s blood runs in our family.” That was the truth. Sadly my father was the owner of a takeaway chicken shop with the talent of turning his eyes blue, and I was the son of the takeaway shop who just happened to be slightly stronger than others. But five years later. They came for me.

던전 메이커 · Magical Realism
288 Chs

Dead on Mars

Payload specialist, Tang Yue, who is a mechanical and electrical engineer by training, is left stranded on Mars when he receives news from his AI robot assistant, Tomcat, that Earth has exploded. He believes himself to be the last human in the Universe. Turns out, he is only the last man in the Universe. Botanist, Mai Dong, had been left on the United Space Station (USS) orbiting Mars, to await Tang Yue's ascent to the USS before they make their journey back to Earth. But now, it's impossible. Join the trio's quest for survival as they attempt to unravel the mystery of Earth's disappearance.

Skyray Descriptor · Sci-fi
251 Chs

The World after the Fall

This is the story of a man who had refused to go back into the past when everyone else had decided to do so. Until the very end.

싱숑 · Magical Realism
247 Chs

Headed by a Snake

I woke up in this world with a System and a sword. Without hesitation, I chose to complete the princess’ quest with my weapons: Arrogance. Cunning. Pride. I will lead guild Sol Invictus. Denizens of the 7 hells, respect me. Servants of the 11 heavens, know fear. Guild Invictus, know the suffering of training so you can wrest victory from the jaws of those who dare doubt you. This is a story about a snake named Tycondrius waking up in a fantasy world of swords and sorcery. There is action, violence, unapologetic murder, and arrogant displays of power. There is an emphasis on combat growth as well as psychological growth on more than a few members of Guild Invictus. There is camaraderie and also the inevitable comedic dialogue amongst manly men. There are even elements of romance and Tycon running away from terrifying, powerful women. (Did you know most female snakes eat their partners after mating?) Give this book a read. I hope some of these stories can inspire you to fight your battles with analytical intelligence, heroic courage, and ruthless lethality. Schedule: 12+ chapters per week. Mon-Fri 2/day @ 11:00 PST Sat-Sun (and Holidays) 1/day @ 11:00 PST Chapter Length: 1000+ words per chapter Here is my discord: https://discord.gg/NNbAj7N Constructive criticism and corrections welcome. Other Authors extra-welcome. You can find a list of characters at https://snek.fandom.com/wiki/Character_List Cover image credit: Johnabrash at Fiverr

CouchSurfingDragon · Fantasy
658 Chs

Races: Online ( VR Smartphone App )

- What happens when a young man with bad luck receives the opportunity of a lifetime? After receiving a strange email to beta-test a game for $1000, will you venture into the world of Races: Online and meet multiple Fantasy Races? Will you embark onto the path of becoming one of the future Heroes and Adventurers by enrolling in the Kraelonia Academy? Will you seek to build your village or perhaps aim for the crown instead? See the world through the lenses of the main protagonist and other characters: Han Jing - a twenty-something young man who receives the email and becomes a Player. Live as a Student at Kraelonia Academy by night, but return to the real world by day and discover the world one lives in has its own secrets lingering beneath its surface. Timothy Cook - an NPC (?) from Rockfall Village who also travels with 'Han' to Kraelonia Academy. A young man with a fiery personality and the [ Firestarter ] Skill to match, after losing his mother during the Demon Lord's attack, does he have anything left to do? The allure of magic calls to him, but what if he sinks deeper than he could possibly go? A world of Classes, Levels, Swords and Sorcery... hop into the Races: Online server and start your quest today! Or maybe meet up with the other Players offline? "This Demon Lord would really like to have a word with you without the safety net of the game rules." --- WARNING: SLOW-PACED, MULTI-PERSPECTIVE SERIES. --- Support the Author: Discord: https://discord.gg/NNU4emZ Ko-Fi: https://ko-fi.com/cheldv Patreon: https://patreon.com/rachel_ruth Image not mine. Thank you Author of Searching For Andromeda for making the cover!

RachelRuth · Video Games
217 Chs

Doomed from the Beginning

300 years ago, he was born to stop the demon child from destroying the world but it was a curse- a curse from the demon himself. Has it ever been possible to stop a curse from taking place? Is the world really destined to be diminished? They were just two little kids when they met, indifferent of everything that fate has in store for them. All they cared about was each other...till the end. .... But wait...300 years later, when he wakes up, how is the world still intact? Why does it feel like nothing happened? Why does he not remember anything? Will he remember what happened 300 years ago? Will he be able to avoid the past from repeating itself?

Black Water · Fantasy
34 Chs

Fatal Shot

As an international mercenary, Feng Luo entered a technologically advanced parallel world during a mission. After living several years in the new world, an online sci-fi game called War became popular across the entire Star Federation. Desert Eagles, Barrett, AK-47, Apache, RPG... One after another, familiar gears awakened his memories of the past! Terminator, Zerg, Resident Evil, the Force,... The missions that appeared after a system update made him even more suspicious and shocked! As such, Feng Luo entered War and became a sniper.

Shi Yao · Video Games
563 Chs

Across the Galaxy

We all wonder about the existence of the alien, but ever wondered what if the person next to you is one but you just don't know it yet? Meet Kazaliur an intergalactic explorer from the planet ZMR-47/ Caisieus, who travels "Across the Galaxy" in search of Various lifeforms. Kazaliur was the Captain of his team and was determined to discover a new inhabiting planet and earn "Space Master"  the most elite title and the prestigious award an explorer can get. On his journey to the Milky way, he decided to navigate an uncharted territory, but being the responsible Captain he is, he did not take any crew members to spare them the risks Due an error on the wave function of the navigating system, on his way back to the mothership his path deflected and he ended up on a planet called MZ-14, or as the inhabitants of the planet called it, "Earth". This planet was one of the red listed planets, i.e. completely unsuitable for survival due to its high concentration of oxygen in the environment which was lethal to them. He had given up on ever surviving there and decided to stay in his ship as long as it takes. However his ship was attacked by an elite organization which deals with unauthorized extraterrestrial visits and his instincts made him run. He was surprised when he survived beyond the expected limit of the 24hours on Earth. But the question was how long can he survive here, when he was the most wanted ET on the planet? Jump into the story and find out more [The picture is taken from pinterest and edited by me] PS: =//=== WFP-18 GOLD TIER WINNER ====//= WANT TO CONNECT WITH ME? 1. Insta- @silly.mlk 2. discord - #sillymlk8687 3. Twitter- @Sillymlk

sillymlk · Sci-fi
20 Chs

Emperor of Steel

Shaymon, the man who has achieved the apex of dark magic, is framed as being a Demon King and is killed. 'I will not let it end like this!' He finally achieves new life but reality was cruel. Being born after 500 years, he was born as the descendent of his rival, the Sword Emperor!

Gangchan · Fantasy
773 Chs