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A Chaotic World

In a world where demons and beasts reigned supreme, humanity had been pushed to the edge, living in constant fear. Lu Tianzi was a genius cultivator, determined to one day grow strong enough to fight for his race and bring humanity out of the darkness. But by a twist of fate, he was betrayed by the people whom he respected the most, even almost losing his life as a result. Lu Tianzi managed to survive by a stroke of luck, but now his heart had chilled. What feelings for his own race? What pride as a human? All that crap had died along with his past self when he was mercilessly cast away! Now no matter if it was humanity or the demons, none shall be spared as long as they stood between him and the pinnacle of the world!

Sweating_Cloud · Eastern Fantasy
376 Chs

Supreme Origin: Time King

Join Elijah Branches, a six year old boy in his path to trinity while he slowly discovers the Supreme Origin. Check out my new novel, Eden: The Rise of a Fallen God. (https://www.webnovel.com/book/16139046705990305/Eden%3A-The-Rise-of-a-Fallen-God)

StormEliteVII · Fantasy
286 Chs

Rise of Myriad Magic Emperor

The great mystic universe, where the magic is part of everyday live of people. Where users of magic are considered elite and everybody dream to become a Magic Emperor. As the ancient words are engraved in the heart of every one who wants to reach the peak. MORTAL LIVE BY THEM, TRANSCEND KNOW THEM, SAINTS UNDERSTAND THEM, DIVINE TRANSFORM THEM, WORLD CREATES THEM. In a unknown village of the sealed continent of Zeon lives the young kid. In his first life he saved the universe and made made the great sacrifice. In his second life he was a great king and the greatest evil who ruled over various realms. In his third life he was a great sage respected and called master of all times. Billions of years have passed and his existence has been long forgotten by the world and by himself. As beings of his past tried to manipulate the present and reshaped his life path. He stepped into the path of cultivation to take control over his destiny and to reach the heights of cultivation which he had never reached before and discover the secrets of his past and present. ------------------------------------------------------------------------- **Discord=> Evernightlord#5624 Discord Group=>https://discord.gg/MDY3g4Z **Updates** 7chapter a week mostly on Saturday and Sunday. Editor:- Looking for one. if somebody can help, contact me at Discord link above. **Disclaimer** This cover is not owned by me. If you want me to take it down just comment me.

Evernightlord · Fantasy
231 Chs

Abyssal Lord of the Magi World

I Zatiel, Abyssal lord, Ruler of death and destruction, Nightmare of Dys, have AWOKEN!!!!!. His life has been fill with events that can shake the universe: -Fighting against Tiamat, Creator of Evil Dragonkind, in the first circle of hell, while billions of demons and devils butcher each other beneath them -Start a World War against the Heavenly race, and transform himself in a Golden Sun while he slaughters their greatest warriors, the Archangel. -Enter the Final Space and fight against the Outer Gods. -Tearing the nine levels of Baator during his battles against the Prince of Evil, Asmodeus. With his memories as a ruler of the Abyss and a Universal Existence, Zatiel will rise again. English is not my first language, so I apologize in advance if there are any problems, critics are well received I have obtained help from a proofreader and editor that goes by Mister_Op on this website. So the previous chapter and new ones will be revised to fix any grammatical mistakes. I don't own the image of the cover if the author wants me to remove just contact me.

Redsunworld · Fantasy
333 Chs

The Law God - Artic

- "Artic" "When the chessboard closes, the king and the pawn are will be placed in the same bag." - Artic was a young student. He often struggled with his thoughts in his mind and tried to survive in the modern world. He was smart and liked to read, but he also liked to think about different things in his mind. - Artic was killed trying to help a woman who was attacked. When he opened his eyes, he was in a different land with a voice in his head. Where he was reborn in the same body, people could have divine powers or possess special powers by developing their knowledge and philosophical perspectives on issues. - We see what Artic choose for his special powers and what kind of person he will be in a new fantastical world. - https://www.webnovel.com/book/origin-night-lord_16167247606177705#review

Krizantem · Fantasy
296 Chs


Don't we all fantasize about our dream worlds, having us as the main character? The Mc, Long Tao got accidentally killed and is reincarnated. Accompany him in his journey, through the unequal society of cultivation, as he rises to the very top. Defeating the adversities, fighting odds and enemies, making friends, and experiencing betrayals. " An angel to my friends and a demon to my enemies." A legend is hereby born, view his journey of rising from the dead ashes, spreading his wings and conquering the skies " There is no path to the top of heaven, except the one you forge with your own efforts." Join my discord server: https://discord.gg/zF5cUeK

Debasish_padhi · Eastern Fantasy
255 Chs

Lord Shadow

In the aftermath of apocalyptic event, a man rises above the others to lead an era. With threat beyond the stars, as Supreme Beings of otherworldly watches over as Destiny and Fate work their way, an era of Gods descended upon Earth And in his rise, lies a terrifying secret. Read how he rises above it all, through all the complicated love life, his determination to push through his own fate and destiny and the Will that pushes him forward. With all of this, could the Fate that was written be overturned? And will he truly rise to the top and survive? A great battle for the fate of the Universe began. This is the story of Lord Shadow. PS: The SS stones is not determined by me. It is determined by how long the chapter is. I have taken steps to cut some of the chapters but there are some chapters that could not be cut as it would obstruct the story. And a chapter is usually ten thousand word each. I have taken steps to cut it and make it into part sized in the later part of the story because many were complaining and thought I was the one that determines the SS so I hope this answers your question. So....if you like long chapters and long story this is the story for you. Ciao. And hope you enjoy the story PS: I also wrote Age of Heroes, Song of Heroes and Age of Adventure Another PS: There is now an editor and the editor is editing from the first chapter. Please support him too Cult Leader Sus, the new editor of Lord Shadow

Keikokumars · Fantasy
864 Chs

The Ancient Genes

In a place where Magic reigns supreme, what would our MC do as he finds himself being rejected by the world. This is the story of a boy who is lacks the ability to wield mana. After shaming his parents who are considered to be among the strongest Mages of the era. Our MC stands at the terrace of the School building planning to commit suicide. What has fate got stored in for our MC. Will he commit suicide ? If you want to know, join our MC as he struggles to find his path. In a world with mysteries and threats looming, what is waiting for him? ------------------------------------- All the characters and incidents in this story are imaginary. Please note that the chapter can be a bit slow. So please be a bit patient and read up to 50 chapter before making any opinion .......................... The Cover art is made by Valeriexx. And is currently being edited by Devrish. He has been a great help to me. Join the Discord : https://discord.gg/WTDaPfU DM me @ ReincarnatedSaint#2904 on Discord Instagram ID: @reincarnatedsaint

ReincarnatedSaint · Fantasy
309 Chs

The Geared Immortal

He was sent to a world where different races and beings wage different types of wars and fight for supremacy. With a body of a mere mortal, he learned the way of the immortal craft and a different cultivation technique. Making him able to roam the land searching for a place where he could belong. How can he survive in this dog eat dog world he knows not. But combining the ingenious designs of the modern world and immortal energy, otherworldly devastation awaits those who face, the geared immortal. ***Thanks to those who liked the novel. Your rate and comments are of great help.

Shynobi · Fantasy
729 Chs

Lightning Is the Only Way

With a father as strong as the highest heavens themselves, Gravis wasn't required to step into the cold and ruthless world of cultivation. But when Heaven used him in a scheme to get back at his father, Gravis realized that he needed strength to gain true freedom. As long as he remained his weak self, he would always remain beneath Heaven’s oppression. Only true power brings true freedom. To gain strength, Gravis ventured into the lower worlds to start his cultivation under true life and death tempering. Only a strong will, which had been forged in striving for every resource available, would allow him to reach the peak. Heaven’s strongest weapon was Lightning of Divine Punishment, and only if he made this weapon his, would he have a chance. So, to overthrow Heaven, Lightning Is the Only Way! Yet, the path to power is painful. Not everyone reaches the peak. But Gravis will! No matter how much pain he feels along the way! -- There will be 2 chapters a day -- Thanks go to Noel, Raikyodeus and Chaotic_Luck for Proofreading! Cover by: digitalrowye

Warmaisach · Eastern Fantasy
406 Chs

Divine Seal of Chaos

Arc-1 Synopsis: It's been 10,000 years since the Fiends appeared on the human continent. 'Where did they come from?' 'Why did they come and for what purpose?' 'No one knows!' Countless humans united together and banished the Fiends to the lost continent of what now is called 'Fiend continent.' ==== Story Synopsis: Chaos Expanse—a home of ten beautiful universes. 5 million years ago, the experts of Spirit universe waged war upon the Supreme being, discovering their Expanse was sealed by him. - Even though they lost the war, a powerful expert of the Spirit universe was able to heavily wound the supreme being and trap him using an otherwordly treasure. - Gin Reyhart, our MC who failed to awaken his spirit seal. Follow his footsteps to witness his legend and how he rises above all by overcoming the trials and tribulations that come in his way.

Tricxter · Fantasy
141 Chs

Divine Brilliance

Zong Shou awakened from a dream and realised that he had crossed into a world 10,000 years in the past. An era before the God Emperor appeared. What is a God Emperor? Invincible in all parts of the universe, the ruler of the world! Zong Shou who was half human half monster, with such a weak body, would begin his journey here. To rise up in this bloody and heartless era, onto a path of lustful life surrounded by beauties, looking down on all life with disdain.

Kai Huang · Eastern Fantasy
1112 Chs

Heavenly Dao Child

Once upon time a wise man had said, “All men and women are born equal.” Well he lied, no one is born equal if it were so people would not be envious, would not desire harm on each other, especially HIM. Him, who is the envy of many, the goal of others, the object of hatred, the object of love and lust of countless, since he first took his breath. No matter what everyone wishes of him he stood tall and surpassed and flourished no matter what challenges and tribulations stood in his way he broke through them since he first opened his eyes to gaze at the world. The wise man is a liar, after all how can all men and women are equal when the Heaven’s itself decreed him to be It’s most favorite and beloved child.

SagelyDaoist · Eastern Fantasy
466 Chs

Becoming Legend

"I was supposed to be sent to earth. But I ended up in a completely different world. A world where magic exists. And here I thought I`m a Hollow—born without magic. That was until my system activated and guided me to embrace my past, deal with my present, and prepare for my future." "With the memory of my past, information from the earth, and a bizarre world I`m in, my implanted A.I. will do everything to ensure my survival and venture the unknown. But first, I must deal with my past to move on, leave the island, and explore the world and become a Legend!" "But how can I, if my Master is all weak and alone?" "May the Maker have mercy upon my enemy, Because I won`t" - Ned, Becoming Legend.

Neorealist · Fantasy
288 Chs

The Wielder of Death Magic

Thrust into an enigmatic world born from bloodshed; venture inside its complexities, dark-side, and always changing nature. At the center, a boy; brought up by an exiled mage, steps into a life of independence. A test to try and change his life for the better after witnessing what war can do to a person. The walk towards finding a stable living gets toppled as a unique magical element awakens. Using people, toying with emotions, doing anything and everything to get what he wants, this is the life of the next Death Reaper. Mostly emotionless, life continues as questions about his state of mind and being remains clouded behind many personas. This isn’t the story of a single man, it’s the story of a whole world. Read as the world builds itself from the ground up. Conspiracies, evil, the dark side of humanity. In addition, tis the start of a new age; the birth of monsters – a story depicting the tales of the first heroes and demons to ever exist. The Wielder of Death Magic isn’t a typical fantasy. The heroes don’t summon forth power from heroes of old, here, the characters are the ones who make up the myths and legends for the next generation. Amidst the turmoil, Staxius, he lives on, watching and waiting as the world grows. P.S, I’m not that normal of a writer, my advice is to not expect anything going into this world. Forget everything, I personally, don’t care about rules and limitations and what can be considered to be the norm – the characters are given life, the world moves on its own; I’m just a spectator. No plot, nothing planned, all that you read is the product of the characters moving and acting individually. As opposed to me subjecting them with my emotions, the connection is reversed. They are the ones who dictate the story (Believe it or not, that's the way I write) A world, a story, characters, and the foolish author; we all evolve as one. On behalf of the people mentioned above, thanks for reading, I appreciate it all. [Cover is copyrighted by Sxperimental]

Frostysyrup · Magical Realism
482 Chs

Chronicles Of The Shura Clan

Book I - Completed Volume I - Completed Volume II- Completed .......................... Book II- ongoing Volume III-ongoing ................ ................ Ling Chen, the third son of the Heavenly Demon Venerable, the patriarch of the Heavenly Demon Sect, was born after spending 95 years in his mother’s womb. Upon his birth, the whole world turned dark, and every sentient being shivered in fear as though the most terrifying thing or the nemesis of all living beings was born. Follow the adventure of Ling Chen as he’s trying to uncover the truth behind his weird body constitution as well as the giant Dark Godly Tree within his sea of consciousness while turning the endless universe upside down in the process. www.patreon.com/nimero. Ko-fi.com/nimero If anyone wants to support the author. Note: the cover isn’t mine. I just edited it. All the credits goes to owner or the designer who did such a great job.

Nimero · Eastern Fantasy
301 Chs

Prime Originator

In a world where strength reigns supreme and only the strong are revered, conflict and injuries are commonplace. The Divine Medicine King was a saintly doctor that saved the lives of many practitioners with his highly accomplished art of healing, garnering the respect of all, and becoming an existence not inferior to the other Divine Kings. As the son of the Divine Medicine King, Leon enjoyed the protective halo of his father and had very smooth sailing in life. However, everything came crashing down when the news of a peerless treasure in possession of his father with secrets of the everlasting was leaked. Greed was ignited, and gratitude was repaid with malice. Helpless to change the inevitable, both father and son lost their lives to their own subordinates under the schemes of the Divine Kings. When everything seemed to have come to an end, Leon was granted another chance, another life, and in another world foreign to the Divine Realm. Will he throw away everything and walk the path of the avenger, killing his way back into the Divine Realm to avenge his father? Or will he embrace his new life and forgoes the past? In the end, what lies at the end of the road of vengeance? When two seemingly separate yet intricately-linked worlds collide and calamity strikes, who will he save and who will he kill? This is a story of revenge. No, this a story of self-discovery. From a useless young master to a supreme being revered by all, Leon will unravel the mysteries of the world and become the one true creator. =====Author's Note===== This is my first time writing a novel. Please go easy on me. Feel free to join the discord for discussions about the novel, https://discord.gg/cxpRTCkzH9 =====DISCLAIMER===== The cover is not mine and belongs to its respective owner. Found on pinterest

Pointbreak · Fantasy
465 Chs

The Favored Son of Heaven

"Qin Fen had once been abandoned and broken until, one day, he picked up a liquid metal ball that turned his life upside down. This is the interplanetary era where Classical and Modern Wushu are competing. Classical Wushu enables followers to grow as powerful as dragons and elephants, whereas Modern Wushu enables followers to freeze monsters or even extinguish erupting volcanoes. Qin Fen steps onto the stage of both Classical and Modern Wushu while belonging to neither. With the exquisite combination of both Classical Wushu and modern technology, he will pave a way to become a legend. He is one of a kind, a favored son of heaven." -KyleChow_ "He is a youth, a gentleman, and a scholar cultivating in the Dragon Elephant Prajna Art. He has the strength of ten dragons and ten elephants, producing clouds with a turn of a hand and rain with the other. This is a story about the clash of passions between neo martial arts and paleo martial arts. This is a story about transcending the apex, about forcefully slaughtering one's way into the legends. This is a story about fading into nirvana, about the prideful of heaven! In this world, cultivating the paleo martial art known as the Dragon Elephant Prajna Art to the pinnacle allows one to possess the enormous strength of ten dragons and ten elephants! In this world, the Nitrogen Freezing Magic can freeze even a volcano on the verge of eruption! In this world, the Magma Art can instantly melt and vaporize a glacier! This is a heavy undertaking by Skyscrapper back in 2009! This is a story of affection, of love. This is a story never lacking in friendship. This story, overflowing with heated blood, is certain to cause your own passion to surge! This is a radiant era where hot-blood, friendship, love, and heroes converge, shine, and interweave upon each other. Click and fall in love with this legend." -Strivon (Translation of original synopsis)

Highrise Building · Sci-fi
608 Chs

Rebirth: The New Game of Life

Liu Yang was a common employee, he had no perspective for his life. He only lived in a common and ordinary way, he had fun when he could. However, everything changed during his journey to work. There was a police chase, and he was shot by mistake. When he wakes up, he discovers that he is in the other world and that he could have a new chance at life in a different world from the previous one. At that moment he begins to think about the best ways to live the new life as much as possible. ------------------------------- Sorry for bad English in the first chapters. --------------------------------- Chapter: 7 - 10 per week Try to do mass releases every two Sundays ------------------------------------------ If you like the novel, try to vote in the novel, this will make the humble author-san happy. And when the humble author-san is happy, more chapters will be released. ------------------------------------------ My dear readers, this humble author-san thanks you if you can give a chance to my second novel. https://www.webnovel.com/book/10493515105046805/MMMORPG%3A-The-Tales-of-Souls ---------------------------------- I'm a novice writer of Web Novel. As a novice writer, I make several mistakes of inconsistency in history. I apologize for this. My English is very bad so sorry for that too

_chomps · Fantasy
533 Chs

Ascension of the elder

Joseph was just an ordinary working class drone. He arrived every day on time and clocked out to the minute until the day he died. But this wasn't the end as when he awoke he was in a strange space which lead him to his new life.

Belial232 · Fantasy
168 Chs