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My Range is One Million

Have you been targeted? Maybe, since you've been in his range all along. What else can you do but prepare yourself to be killed?

김주광 · Magical Realism
301 Chs

Infinite Realm

*Disclaimer : The image used does not belong to this author.* Sato Kurosaki, 21, supposedly lost his parents to a car accident on vacation when he was little, leaving him behind with his little sister Hayami. Taking the route of a professional gamer, he tries to earn as much as he can for his little sister but eventually got kicked out of his guild, losing everything he gained. Now with the release of the much anticipated VRMMORPG, Infinite Realm, Sato determines to reach the top with his strength and without fear for anyone, not only to be able to take care of his little sister and their grandparents who took custody of them but also to rub it in the face of all who left him. AN : I'm actually new to writing so you might notice quite a few errors here and there but as I'd like to say, with experience comes perfection. I advice you to try your best and read the author's notes in each chapter. Most of them are explanations that you might not find in the book. BTW this is an original, so please shun plagiarism and pirates

Tengu_of_Old · Video Games
172 Chs

The Gene Gamer

Name: Dimension Devouring Ghost In the year 3650, humanity has conquered the universe, only to find out that they were the only intelligent species in existence. With the limit technology had reached, they yearned for more. More convenience and more life, so they started the project known as B.S. which was the process of breaking through the shackles that limited us while it also protected us from outside dangers. Right after 100 years, after the project B.S. had successfully been completed, monsters of terrifying strength intruded in their universe, resulting in a war that continued for a thousand years. After facing these monsters, something seemed to awaken within their body as they unlocked supernatural powers by absorbing the magical stone inside the monster's body. Dignity might have been important in the mortal world, but within this era where supernatural reign supreme, would dignity be worth something? Read the auxiliary chapter first. Join discord https://discord.gg/8WxtGKk Not my picture. If the owner wish to take it down, I will do so. ... Update schedule: Powerstone rank Below 500rank- 3 chapters week 301-500 rank- 4 chapters week 201-300 rank- 5 chapters week 101-200 rank- 6 chapters week I know my update schedule is unstable but I will try. As for further plans, I will make when we reach 5 chapters week plan.

Ordinarystranger71 · Fantasy
107 Chs

Project Overworld

October 12, 2032, the game "Project Overworld" would release its first server to the public. Developed by the company "Advanced Simulations", this game aims to exploit the technologies behind virtual reality devices in order to simulate an entire universe. The players would all spawn on the same planet and try to survive with or against other players while building up stocks of resources and defenses. Eventually, they would be able to progress and exploit different resources to create technologies ranging from simple wooden spears to actual space rockets.

Cinerath · Video Games
126 Chs

The Immortal Player

Being born from a rich family, Pedro Armaz was often scolded by his family because of playing VR games. Years after playing the VR game sensation "Bearth Online", He was “betrayed” by his guild members. This depressed him, which later on caused his death. To his surprise, he woke up and learned that he time-traveled 7 years back to the past! With his past experiences as an advantage, Pedro is determined to dominate the brutal and unusual game, Bearth Online, and become the strongest player in the world! ____________________________________________ The cover for this novel was made by a great friend and a fellow author of mine, Sendaline_16. She makes cool arts and book covers. In case you are interested, you can contact her through discord, Sendaline_16#8267 ____________________________________________ I would like to give everyone a heads up, this story was made and posted as the raw and first draft. There might be some inconsistencies but rest assured that the author is doing his best in editing/revising these mistakes. Regards, RDream. :D ____________________________________________

RDream · Video Games
204 Chs

A Guide to Kingdom Building ( Me Reincarnated 365 x)

Servus 132-X is not new to the reincarnation cycle, in fact this is his 365th incarnation! In the past, he has been a subject of songs and legends, being incarnated as a king, a knight or a mage that sire the birth of many nations and civilizations. In this timeline, he, unfortunately, lost all of his innate abilities and skills. Now born as a slave, he must work his way to get his freedom and rise, to create a nation on the new world he's been born in. Prepare yourself for an action-packed, world-building experience filled with mystery, intrigue, betrayal and most importantly magic! Be ready for a ground-breaking World Building experience!

MoeJam90 · Fantasy
90 Chs

Races: Online ( VR Smartphone App )

- What happens when a young man with bad luck receives the opportunity of a lifetime? After receiving a strange email to beta-test a game for $1000, will you venture into the world of Races: Online and meet multiple Fantasy Races? Will you embark onto the path of becoming one of the future Heroes and Adventurers by enrolling in the Kraelonia Academy? Will you seek to build your village or perhaps aim for the crown instead? See the world through the lenses of the main protagonist and other characters: Han Jing - a twenty-something young man who receives the email and becomes a Player. Live as a Student at Kraelonia Academy by night, but return to the real world by day and discover the world one lives in has its own secrets lingering beneath its surface. Timothy Cook - an NPC (?) from Rockfall Village who also travels with 'Han' to Kraelonia Academy. A young man with a fiery personality and the [ Firestarter ] Skill to match, after losing his mother during the Demon Lord's attack, does he have anything left to do? The allure of magic calls to him, but what if he sinks deeper than he could possibly go? A world of Classes, Levels, Swords and Sorcery... hop into the Races: Online server and start your quest today! Or maybe meet up with the other Players offline? "This Demon Lord would really like to have a word with you without the safety net of the game rules." --- WARNING: SLOW-PACED, MULTI-PERSPECTIVE SERIES. --- Support the Author: Discord: https://discord.gg/NNU4emZ Ko-Fi: https://ko-fi.com/cheldv Patreon: https://patreon.com/rachel_ruth Image not mine. Thank you Author of Searching For Andromeda for making the cover!

RachelRuth · Video Games
219 Chs

Exodus: The Assassin's Path

"Log-On Tap." TAP Interface Acquired. Synchronizing character data..... Welcome Back Q, find your path! A secret Assassin class hidden deep, passed down to him from a mother who loathed his existence. An unrivaled fodder racing against time to save his childhood friend. An NPC uprising with Q leading the way. This has a lot of 'Life' aspects, a sizable portion of it takes place in the real world.

BotwaCazador · Video Games
94 Chs

Reincarnated As The Hero Ring

«Damn, I don't have enough money on my bank account... I need to transfer some money manually at the bank» As lazy as he is, Chase still needs to get out to the bank and face society. After a few minutes of walking, he arrives at the bank and suddenly a robbery happens at the bank. There were a few short screams when the robber released a few shots. «FBI! OPEN UP!» Chase's alarm was deafening as it startled the other robber that taking them hostage in the vault. The robber shot Chase using his gun. Chase sees that someone walks towards him, and the closer the person gets to him, the bigger it gets. A weird pop up suddenly appeared in front of Chase as the person standing near him. «What the hell is this? Is this a character stats?» Chase was quite confused about the situation as his brain could not think about what has happened to him. Chase feels that he has put down by someone as he began to realize something weird about himself. "Ehhh! I'm a Ring!..." ------------------------------------------------ NOTE! 'Currently editing all the chapters! It Will finishes in the second week of November! Why? To improve the reading quality... (Somehow It takes much more time, which will be done in the last week of November!) Update: I will also be updating 2 chapters daily, if I was really busy I will only upload 1 chapter Cover By KiraKelvin555 Contact Me: instagram.com/ex_chaser

ExChaser · Fantasy
198 Chs

Essential NPC with a Chicken

Bob the barn owner from Bagel village. An Essential tutorial NPC, typical of any game. One fine morning, Bob gains sentience and begins to question his immortal humanity. Immersion Online. A Virtual Reality Massively Multiplayer Open World Role-Playing Game (VRMMORPG) that took the continent of Asia by storm. In that game, nobody expected a certain tutorial NPC would dominate the meta. Follow the adventures of Bob on his journey to discover just what he really is and laugh along with his shenanigans. Just a heads-up, this is a gag novel so if you laugh you lose. If you have anything to say to me personally, send me a DM on discord at Goat#9660

SquareGoat · Video Games
199 Chs

The Brave New World

It is January 2nd, 2035. In New York, leaders of all the world's nations are assembling to agree on a plan to save the dying planet: Earth. Before they can agree on anything, disaster strikes. An electromagnetic storm destroys the global power grid, and cuts communications. Billions of people die. But as soon as the storm dies down, millions of mysterious, glowing cubes appear all over the globe. The cubes contain tools that will let humans colonize a new planet: a bigger, richer version of Earth. The newly formed Colonial Council, which answers to the United Nations, has one goal: to ease the crisis on Earth by transfers of goods and resources from the New World. Millions of new colonizers rush to the New World, united by a common purpose: to turn their dreams into reality. Some dream of getting rich by trading New World goods. Some dream of conquest, and building an empire. Some dream of peace, adoration, and love. Some will succeed, and others will fail. But fortune always favors the brave. WARNING: Please read the Introduction to find out what makes this serial different. This story does not contain filler, and the first 140 chapters are free to read. Current update schedule: Due to other work commitments, I'm forced to suspend writing this serial until the end of January.

Michael_Ryman · Fantasy
184 Chs

Dead on Mars

Payload specialist, Tang Yue, who is a mechanical and electrical engineer by training, is left stranded on Mars when he receives news from his AI robot assistant, Tomcat, that Earth has exploded. He believes himself to be the last human in the Universe. Turns out, he is only the last man in the Universe. Botanist, Mai Dong, had been left on the United Space Station (USS) orbiting Mars, to await Tang Yue's ascent to the USS before they make their journey back to Earth. But now, it's impossible. Join the trio's quest for survival as they attempt to unravel the mystery of Earth's disappearance.

Skyray Descriptor · Sci-fi
251 Chs

Reset: DPS to Support?!

At the top of the food chain of the game DPS, Zayden is renowned for his mastery of it with his character 'Shinto'. He has excellent control, real-time decision making, skills in the world background, and most importantly, passion. However, dishing out top damage in Raids day after day, doing excellently in matches and PVE, the game became a walk in the park for the young man. "I'm sick of all of this," Zayden said... He might as well be free right? And that's what he got. Though who knew what happened after that would change his entire character? From a DPS to a Support?!

Tamaki_Leon · Video Games
73 Chs

Ascension of the Master Assassin

Venn was a nobody in life. Heaven Descent was everything he had. Having spent every waking moment playing the game as a game rat, he found himself back in time to the first time he started playing Heaven Descent after drowning himself with alcohol the day his sister died. With no knowledge of stock market nor sufficient capital, he is determined to rise to the top of the game this time to save his sister from her illness. "Watch me! I shall take everything that belongs to me and more this time, even if it meant prying them from the clutches of Heaven!" Check out my discord: https://discord.gg/9SAzmrH If you wish to donate via paypal: paypal.me/POTNW https://www.patreon.com/thisisplankton

Minimal_Effort · Video Games
33 Chs

Tired of Death

ZOMBIES!! Undead monsters or simply misunderstood? Follow the exploits of a group of dead and half dead, as they rampage across the realm, looking for their enslaver! Horror! Gore! Action! Humour! Romance! Adventure! Almost none of these things are present. But why take my word for it? See for yourself! First hit's free! ;)

Neil_H · Fantasy
144 Chs

Tales of Magic Swordsman

The no. 1 player in VRMMORPG, Two Worlds, fall under the scheme of his lifelong enemy. From the top of the heaven he crashed to the bottom of the world. Being laughed at and with huge debt in his shoulder he try to get his revenge and conquer the game so no one will looked down on him anymore. With his best friend, can he conquer the game? ---------- Release rate: 7 chapters / week with a random bonus chapter release. (GMT +7) ----------

GreatArk · Video Games
524 Chs

Restarting Life In Another World

There is a programming error in the system called the world and a guy is a bug. God has volunteered to do experiments on him and after the successful experiment, he is reincarnated to a fantasy world filled with adventure, mystery, and magic. This is the story of a man who was reincarnated as a 15-year-old boy after a crazy experiment from God. A tale of how he restarted his life in the new world and how he became a Hero from Zero. Buy me a coffee: https://ko-fi.com/brpever Rules: 1) Usually, multiple chapters will be published every week. I will let you guys know if I am taking a break. 2) If we are able to reach 1000 powerstones weekly, I will release seven extra chapters during the weekend. 3) I am willing to work on suggestions and comments from my readers. 4) The credit of the cover picture goes to Aldnonymous and his friend Feni fenol which was released under Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported license on Wikimedia Commons and was modified by me (author). Discord: https://discord.gg/NChfKfz Note: This story is meant to be a fun isekai series. If you don't like such series or if you are looking for something too serious to read, this is probably not the one for you. You can try my other book 'Rising Against Fate' if you like a little more darker and serious type.

BRPever · Fantasy
174 Chs

Hero System! Transported to Another World

Alex, a 20-year-old guy was a born loser. In a world filled with superheroes, he had to live a horrible life. But this all changed when he was approached for an opportunity, something too good to deny. A simple and easy scouting mission. After it was done, they would give him a huge reward. But the mission wasn't what Alex expected, it was a blur and the next thing he knew, there was a voice in his head, [Does player Alex want to continue?] LINK FOR MY DISCORD : https://discord.gg/mNfHWC2

Ripcorez · Fantasy
118 Chs

The Grand Duelist

Check out my other work! https://www.webnovel.com/book/records-of-the-weakest-emperor_17617505506953105 Records of the Weakest Emperor Disclaimer: This novel is inspired by other great works such as SCOG, OG, DE, and all other works that the author admires and reads on a daily basis Left alone, scarred and swimming with debt after his parents' death. Our protagonist, Joseph is now on the quest of erasing his debt along with keeping himself afloat without being homeless… Left without other choices, he turned to the world of Victory for solace only to find out that everything wasn't so simple like he expected. Even after two months of complete dedication to the game. He hasn't achieved any of his goals at all… But fortunately, lady luck soon blessed his hopeless life… He managed on erasing his debt, angering the gods living above the heavens and even acquiring a Mythical Class! But Joseph is a young man left with scars due to his past. Can he even become someone suitable for the grandeur of a Mythical Class? The Sun that Overlooks Everything? "Aye wait bro, don't attack ye- Sike! You thought!" "Alice, I really love it that you keep yourself feminine for the sake of your Swordsmanship. But can you not wear skirts while we're practicing? I can basically see what's underneath." "Abyssal Flame Master, why do you remind me of the alter-ego that I sealed a long time ago back when I was in middle school?" Fueled with the determination of being the strongest. Joseph, along with the comrades that he gathered on his journey shall crush those that dare stand before their path. But why? Because he's the Grand Duelist, destined to be at the top of everything. Artwork: This is a collaboration between me and the Connoisseur of the Dao of Sticc, Truedawn. We spent countless nights depicting the awesomeness of the MC through the Dao of the Sticc, I hope it is appreciated.

TheAdventurer · Video Games
203 Chs

Rebirth of the Phoenix God

Within less than a day of the Inquisitor’s arrival, Fen ends up bound to the stake. As he stares down at the face of the friend who sold him out, the stakes are lit as the execution begins. "I will burn you for this treason!" Those words resounded in Fen's mind as his body gave up, releasing his soul into the flames Only for it to be cleansed, and reborn from the fires! Now, the age of the dragon is over. It's time for the return of the Phoenix! Discord link: https://discord.gg/pJTVGZZ

MotivatedSloth · Fantasy
191 Chs